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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Slower

One of the number one things we’ve learned during our years traveling full-time is to slow down. This may sound crazy to some. After all, there’s a whole world to explore and we have the freedom to explore it!

I understand this mindset, truly, I do. When we first started out, we hopped from one place to the next at lightning speed. However, we soon discovered that there are some major benefits to slow travel, and we’ve found that these benefits far outweigh the negatives. We now take our time in all of our travels and we are far happier for it.

Wondering what kinds of benefits slow travel might provide? Below are the top 5 reasons we choose to take it easy and see the country at a more relaxed pace.

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1. More time to explore

There’s nothing as disappointing as being scheduled to leave a place long before you’ve finished everything you wanted to see and do there.

Staying in one place for a longer period of time means we don’t have to experience this disappointment and gives us a chance to really explore the area.

Slow Down
You’ll have more time to explore. Image source: Pixabay

We’re able to try multiple restaurants, check out local coffee shops, see several attractions, and do things the locals like to do, such as visiting local playgrounds or heading to the library.

With more time to explore the places we visit, we can really get a feel for each town or city, know what the average weather is like, what people in the area are like, and give it all a chance to sink in and create a lasting impression.

2. Time for day-to-day tasks

When you RV full-time, your travels simply cannot be all fun and games. There is still work to be done and chores to be finished.

Unfortunately, back when we were traveling too quickly, a lot of our day-to-day tasks would often get put on the back burner. This was not only unsustainable, but it created stressful situations—and if let go long enough, could cost someone their job.

Slowing down gives us a chance to do our laundry and dishes, type up blog posts, and even do things like file taxes and deal with truck or RV repairs without feeling like we’re missing out on things.

Because we know we will be in the area for a while, we are less concerned with cramming everything into only a few days and can take several days to accomplish routine everyday tasks (even if they are mundane).

3. A chance to connect

Traveling all the time can be lonely business. Sure, you have your family, but friends are important too, and when you’re constantly on the go, making lasting friendships can be difficult. Slowing down helps tremendously with this problem.

Have more time to connect with friends and family. Image source: unsplash

By taking a more relaxed pace during our travels, we give ourselves a chance to connect with others in any given campground and the local community. We’re more likely to cross paths with friends we’ve met before, and more able to build strong relationships with those we meet in each location.

Additionally, slow travel gives us the time to hang out with those friends without feeling the need to rush from one attraction to the next.

4. You’ll save money

As if all the things mentioned above aren’t enough reason to slow down the pace, we also find that traveling more slowly is financially beneficial.

Moving an RV from point A to point B is expensive. Motorhomes and towing trucks are both gas guzzlers, meaning fuel is a big expense when you’re moving often. On top of that, you have to consider the miles put on your vehicle and how that’ll affect your maintenance and repair schedule.

Besides vehicle costs, moving regularly can also mean more campground expenses, as many campgrounds offer lower rates for those who are staying monthly.

Spend less on gas by traveling slower. Photo via iRV2 Forums

Also, staying longer in any given place means attraction expenses will be spread out over time, and you may even be able to save money by investing in season passes to certain attractions. For instance, many RVers choose to spend their winters in Florida and purchase Annual Passes to Disney World to keep themselves busy during their visit.

5. More spontaneity

Finally, I must mention that one of the best benefits of slow travel is the ability to be more spontaneous. Because we are never on a tight schedule, we are able to wander off the beaten path and explore things we may not have seen otherwise. This is huge for us and has completely changed the way we view our adventures.

If you’re a fairly fast traveler right now I encourage you to slow things down a bit and see how you like it. You might just find that it is a better way to see the world.

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2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Slower”

  1. I happen to agree with you! On a recent trip to Spokane, WA. we took Hwy 2 over Steven’s Pass and came back the same way. Traffic was not bad at all, especially for a Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Great Article, Unfortunately today, to many People and Driving down the road, like they have Hell knocking on their back door. About tearing the side of my RV off.

    My Max Speed is 63 mph! It is one of the safest speeds to travel at and should something develop in front of me on the road, it gives plenty of time to slow down verses going 75 or faster.

    Yes, people need to slow down.

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