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How Much Does A Sprinter Van Conversion Cost?

Sprinter van conversion parked in Utah
How much does a Sprinter van conversion cost? – Photo via Shutterstock. Cover photo: Creative Commons

How Much Does A Sprinter Van Conversion Cost?

If you are considering building out a Sprinter van, you’re probably wondering how much the average van conversion costs. Sprinter van conversion costs can range anywhere from under $12,000 to over $35,000+, but the cost depends on so many variables that it makes the whole discussion somewhat moot.  Still, it is a question many people are asking, and at least having a ballpark price will help answer the question. 

Why a custom van conversion?

There are dozens and dozens of prefabricated RVs already to drive off an RV lot that are built on the Sprinter chassis, so doing the work yourself is not necessary. However, some people love the DIY challenge and want the rig to fit their personal needs perfectly, so doing it themselves is the best choice.

For other people who are not handy or dislike large projects, hiring a van converter to create your dream van is a viable option over buying a prefabricated rig.

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Cost variables

Trying to answer the question of how much does a sprinter van conversion cost, depends on the following:

  • Exactly what components you want to include in your conversion
  • The quality of those components
  • The many places where you could purchase components
  • Whether you or someone else is going to do the installation
  • If you have any DIY experience
  • How many missteps and redos will be involved in your project

Other considerations

Taking an empty van and converting it into a livable space may be as uncomplicated as just adding a sleeping platform and bedding, to a full-on solar powered unit with a kitchen, fridge, entertainment center, wet bath, rooftop storage, stowable sleeping platform, water and holding tanks with plumbing, air conditioning, insulation, and extensive electrical work throughout.  

Additionally, your van conversion might require local building inspections depending on your location, and it will certainly involve hours and hours of planning and prep that will occur long before you pick up a torque wrench or skill saw or hire a professional converter to do the work. 

A DIY van conversion

If you are seriously thinking of converting a van, the folks at have shared very in-depth information on their website.

Their web documentation details the conversion process (check out their build journal). Their website also has 3D CAD models and 360 degree van tours. They list the parts used in their conversion and the cost and hours it took to transform a van into an RV.  

Their website is comprehensive and even includes extensive information on whole systems like the electrical system, complete with a calculator to help you define what you’ll need for your setup, based on your personal power needs.  They have additional information about camping, boondocking, their personal journey and more.  

They estimated the cost of their van conversion was $20,150 and it took 640 man hours, not counting the 300-plus hours of planning.

Watch your van weight

There is another consideration that you should keep in mind if you are just starting out on a van conversion project and intending to do it yourself.  If you plan to add many components to your van, be sure you calculate the extra weight and buy the right size van at the beginning of the process.  

You might want to add insulation, flooring, storage compartments, solar panels, extra furniture, TV, a full galley, and a wet bath with holding tanks.  All of that adds weight. Then add your physical weight, all your supplies, bikes, motorcycle, skis, snowboards, etc. and suddenly your van weight might exceed the payload limits of your chassis, which can damage the suspension.

It’s important to think about the overall weight, but the balance of that extra weight is equally important in your conversion planning. You’ll need to distribute the weight evenly across the van.

Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Van

The extra cost of $20,000 seems like a lot of money when you add it to the cost of a new Sprinter van, but even if you buy top quality components, your van conversion would still be much less costly than the higher-end of the prefabricated luxury Mercedes RV vans that can easily cost $145,000+.  

There are many different sizes and styles of chassis to accommodate large or small van conversions, so be sure to plan your conversion before you buy the chassis or you might discover your ideal van has to be modified because the chassis is too small to accommodate your vision. 

White and marron Sprinter van conversion parked in a campsite at Champoeg State Park in Oregon on a clear and sunny day
Whether you convert it yourself or hire the work out, camping in your own personalized Sprinter van conversion can be fun and rewarding. Photo: Creative Commons

Hire a van conversion company (or install a DIY conversion kit)

If you aren’t up to the challenge of converting a Sprinter van yourself but you just can’t find the perfect fit for your needs in the prefabricated RVs for sale, you have the option of hiring a van conversion company to do the work.

You can work with them to plan the final layout and select the components that meet your needs. At the end of the process, you will end up with a personalized RV built just for you.  There are many van conversion companies to choose from, as well as DIY van conversion kits that make it easier to build out the van yourself.

Check out these options:

Van conversion costs

Van converters can convert many different types of vans, so you’re not limited to the Sprinter chassis, although the Mercedes is one of the better chassis for van conversion.  The range of prices for van conversions is anywhere from about $12,000 to $35,000+, and as stated at the beginning of this article, it all depends on what you want, the quality of the components, and how many RV systems you want to include in your Sprinter van conversion. 

For more tips on van conversions, check out the video below from Youtubers Chris and Sara on how much their DIY van cost:

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