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5 Sprinter Van Conversions With Video Tours

Sprinter van conversions - exterior view of van in Utah

5 Sprinter Van Conversions With Video Tours

Van life fever is sweeping the country as more and more people turn to the affordable, compact living space of a vehicle-based home. Even though space may be limited, there are tons of ideas for Sprinter van conversions.

Everyone who decides to transform a van into a home has a different way to do it. There’s no perfect way to do it and you can craft the perfect living space for your needs.

We want to share 5 of our favorite Sprinter van conversions. Tours, tips, and ideas will be included along the way, so make sure you take notes to apply in your own van!

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1. Mercedes Sprinter 170 4×4

The first of the Sprinter van conversions we’re looking at is clean, modern, and convenient. It might be a bit bare-bones compared to the rest on this list, but it’s got all the necessities you’ll need on the road. The appliances and amenities are all high-quality, so you’ll have a comfortable stay in a van like this!

The driver and passenger seats can rotate, which creates extra seating when the van is parked. Every area is usable! This floor plan is also great for hosting multiple passengers. The couch has extra storage space below the cushion, and it can hold a small portable toilet.

This van comes with a 20-gallon water tank, which is a decent amount for drinking, showering, and other needs. The galley kitchen is small, but it has a sink, range, microwave, and a fair amount of counter space.

The cabinetry is all very clean and efficient, so the appliances, holding tanks, and utilities are kept out of sight. The sides of the interior are smooth, which leaves room for decoration. Everything in this Sprinter van is designed to tuck neatly away when it’s not being used.

2. DIY conversion from the UK

When it comes to Sprinter van conversions, this UK model is a bit more homey than the previous one. Personal touches are part of the appeal of these living spaces, and this one is a perfect example of the mix of charm and utility that drivers are looking for.

Most of the storage space in this layout can be found when you open up the back. The utilities are all stored underneath the wooden bed frame, the there’s plenty of space for miscellaneous storage as well. Sprinter vans could always use a bit of extra storage, so this is definitely helpful.

The adorable wood-paneled kitchen is the star of the show here. Everything is very neat and cute, but useful as well. The paneling helps the built-in storage blend into the wall. It also comes with a compact oven, mini-fridge, sink and stove.

The living room and bedroom are also very cozy. The L-shaped couch provides a lot of seating in a limited space, and can serve as a dining area, work space, or just a place to relax.

This van is just so cute and charming! The color scheme is very simple and appealing, and it’s easy to understand why you might want to live here and never leave.

3. Luxury Sprinter van conversion

This has got to be one of my overall favorite Sprinter van conversions. It’s clean, organized, and offers a good blend of indoor conveniences and outdoor adventure. The base of this van is also unique because it used to be a disability service vehicle, so it has a few extra features such as an extendable step.

The galley kitchen takes up a good portion of the floor plan. I love the white cabinetry with black and brown accents. The design is very clean and neat. It can also incorporate a fairly large mini fridge, a sink, and range. There’s a good amount of counter space in this layout as well, which is convenient for people who love to cook.

A nice little relaxation nook sits next to the entrance/kitchen. It has an L-shaped couch that sits behind the driver’s seats. This is a good place to relax and it’s easy to decorate with a few throw pillows. Storage is also available beneath the cushions.

Overhead cabinets take up a good amount of space along the top of the van. The back of the van is occupied with a comfortable bedroom that comes with windows, overhead cabinets, and a TV. Wood paneling decorates the ceiling of this whole vehicle, which brings a bit of warmth to the white color scheme.

The exterior hammock chairs add extra outdoor seating and they’re easy to retract. This is definitely a van I’d like to take a trip in!

4. A Sprinter van with a full bathroom

This Sprinter van is colorful, crafty, and creative. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll definitely see on Pinterest inspiration boards and Instagram stories. The charm blends well with a functional living space, so you can really have the best of both world with a floor plan like this.

A curtain separates the driver’s cabin from the living space. Something I particularly love about this van is the variety of patterns and decorations they use. In the video below, you’ll see painted surfaces, tiled backsplashes, and wooden accents. This creates a fun, quirky look that makes vans like this popular.

The kitchen is fairly small but quite adaptable. The sink can be covered with a fitted board, which increases the overall counter space. Overhead cabinets and storage racks are perfect for a mobile pantry, and you can see that they have a hanging net for fresh produce as well. Plus, who wouldn’t love that combination of green paint and natural wood?

This model stands out from a lot of other Sprinter van conversions because it comes with a full bathroom. There is room for a stand-up shower and a portable toilet (although the toilet needs to be removed before you shower!)

The bedroom occupies the back end of this van, and it looks very comfortable. There is overhead storage over the bed as well as some small windows. It looks like a cozy spot to spend the night!

5. A simple Sprinter van conversion

This last Sprinter van conversion is perfect for people who aren’t interested in fluff and decoration, but want to maximize their space. It’s an outdoorsy, efficient, and adventurous layout that’s perfect for explorers.

The overall layout is pretty cut and dry. The driver’s seats are in the front, and the rest of the vehicle is occupied by a bed and a ton of storage space and hanging nets. There is enough room to walk around, although that space might be taken up by a bike or kayak.

It doesn’t have a bathroom or kitchen, but that frees up enough space to bring your own camping gear. A portable toilet would also come in handy!

This is a van that you come back to crash in after a long day outside. It may not be ideal for full-time van living, but it’s perfect for travelers and people who are just looking for a way to take their living space on the road.

Sprinter van conversions come in all shapes, sizes, and appearances. There’s no one-size-fits-all standard in this world, so just make sure your van fits your needs.

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