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5 Tips to Go RVing on A Cross Country RV Trip

A coast-to-coast cross country RV road trip can add a whole new dimension to your perception of the world.

But, before you go RVing cross country be sure to follow these five simple RV road trip tips for a more enjoyable adventure, whether you’re RVing by yourself, with a partner or your entire family.

Cross Country RV Trip Tips

Tip #1: Budget Accordingly

go-rving-cross-country-rv-trip-1Budgeting for a cross country RV road trip is critical to avoid going broke before crossing the Mississippi.

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First, use a travel planning website to plan your cross-country road trip mileage.

Next, use a fuel cost calculator to budget for the gas or diesel your RV will require for the journey.

You’ll also want to consider accommodations along your route: how many nights will you stay in campgrounds, private RV parks or hotels/motels and what will each cost?

Next, factor in expenses for food, consumables such as toiletries and entry fees at your entertainment destinations, such as museums, concerts and amusement parks. A helpful cross country RV road trip budget template is available at


Tip #2: Keep Planning to a Minimum

To paraphrase a famous quote about traveling, the real fun of hitting the road is what happens between destinations. Planning helps to ensure a smoother adventure but the best cross country RV road trips leave time for serendipitous surprises like meeting local characters and discovering hidden gems on a back country hike.

But remember that even the best-planned RV road trips encounter occasional irritants, from road closures to flat tires to sold-out campgrounds. When the inevitable happens, maintaining a good attitude, staying calm and rolling with the punches is the best way to make the most of it and keep the peace with your travel partners.

Tip #3: Stay Off the Beaten Path

go-rving-cross-country-rv-trip-2Interstates serve their purpose for travelers in a hurry but you’ll miss out on the best that America has to offer if you never leave the freeway.

Although it takes longer to reach your destination when traveling along secondary roads, the payoff is more opportunities to experience the people, places, cuisine and arts that comprise America.

However, don’t rely solely on your GPS device to find your way. Study both paper and electronic maps carefully to avoid getting lost or taking your RV into hazardous road conditions.


Tip #4: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

The best way to enjoy all that traveling has to offer is by reaching beyond your comfort level to experience people, places and things you don’t encounter in your daily life.

Instead of staying in a predictable franchise campground or hotel, patronize an independently-owned business to get a sense of local flavor.

However before you arrive always examine the establishment’s reviews on websites using DoItYourselfRV’s RV Park Reviews Guide or to ensure that you’ll be safe, your RV will fit nicely and that you’ll get your money’s worth out of your cross country RV trip.

Tip #5: Don’t Rush

go-rving-cross-country-rv-trip-3Never trade efficiency for experiences by rushing to your next destination.

Allow yourself at least two weeks to travel coast-to-coast by RV and if you’re lucky to have even more time, your experience will be even richer because you were able to linger in some of America’s most important areas of interest.

Slow down, enjoy the ride and remember that you’re driving a recreational vehicle, not a sports car!

Hope this motivates and encourages you to plan the cross country RV road trip of a lifetime. Share your thoughts and plans in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “5 Tips to Go RVing on A Cross Country RV Trip”

  1. Excellent tips, all, but I’d like to add two about RV driving (and parking) safety:
    1. Practice somewhere safe before you go out on the open road — turns around right-angle corners, backing up, in particular, and
    2. Treat yourself to a video backup system. Yes, I sell them, but you don’t have to buy it from me. (RV Cams, Inc. is the name of my wife’s and my business, since 2002.) You can now buy them almost anywhere, they’re cheap, and they help! (Good to practice with the monitor and camera installed too.)

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