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7 Unnecessary Yet Amazing Gadgets Every RVer Should Have

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

For the most part, people who live fulltime in their RVs are pretty quick to get rid of extra stuff. After all, RVs aren’t exactly spacious places, and the less clutter you have lying around, the less stressful your life is going to be.

That said, there are a few unnecessary things that are well worth making room for, even if it does mean losing some precious counter or cabinet space.

These gadgets, while not truly needed, make life so much easier that they almost should be considered needs, and anyone who lives in an RV will probably agree that they’re worth their weight in gold (as well as the weight they add to your rig).

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Wondering what gadgets could be so wonderful to garner such praise? Read on!

1. Ice maker

Nobody like being sent out for ice, and making ice in a tiny little RV freezer is not always an option depending on how much frozen food you have to store.

Fortunately, there are tiny little ice makers made especially for RVs and other small spaces, and we love them! Keeping one of these in your rig means always having ice on hand for those last-minute get-togethers and for making cold drinks on a hot day.

2. Washing machine

Most RV parks have laundry rooms, and even when one doesn’t, there’s almost always a laundromat nearby. That said, when you’re living in your RV full time, traveling to these special laundry facilities gets old fast.

Clothes Washer in RV
Washing machines can be very handy to have in the RV. Image source: YouTube

Not only that, it can get pretty darn expensive too. This is especially true if you have kids, and in these cases, a washing machine is a luxury most RVers wouldn’t want to be without.

Luckily, there are units to suit every taste, including this tiny model as well as this slightly bigger option. You may also like the small Wonder Wash and its accompanying spin dryer.

3. Dishwasher

Yep, you read that right. Some people have dishwashers in their RVs, and it’s a wonderful thing.

Sure, you could spend your evening washing each dish by hand, but a countertop dishwasher saves time (not to mention your hands) and helps ensure your dishes are completely clean.

All you need is a bit of counter space next to the sink and you’re good to go!

4. Instant Pot

Cooking with propane is fine, but sometimes you might prefer to take advantage of the free electricity at a campsite rather than using expensive fuel.

Other times you may be more interested in making a quick and delicious meal without much hassle, especially after a long day out sightseeing.

The multifunctional Instant Pot. Image source: Pixabay

Either way, the Instant Pot pressure cooker is the perfect answer. It cooks things super quickly using only electricity.

On top of that, there are tons of amazing one-pot dishes you can make in an Instant Pot, meaning fewer dishes to wash.

All in all, we’d say an Instant Pot is a pretty glorious thing to have around.

5. Cell booster

Living and traveling in an RV means you’ll probably end up in some pretty remote places.

However, being out in the middle of nowhere probably isn’t going to remove your need to stay in touch, especially if you work online. This is where a cell booster such as the WeBoost steps in.

A cell booster pulls in any available cell signal and amplifies it, making even the tiniest bit of connection usable. While this nifty gadget won’t help you if there’s no signal at all, it certainly can be a lifesaver the majority of the time.

6. Propane fire pit

If you spend a lot of time in RV parks, especially the privately owned variety, you’ll probably start to notice that many don’t allow wood fires. Luckily, there is another option: a propane fire pit.

Fire pit for RV
Have a campfire wherever you go. Image source: YouTube

Propane fire pits come in various sizes, meaning finding a small one to fit in a storage compartment is no big deal. They make campfires a quick and easy affair and remove stinky smoke from the equation.

Best of all, these contained, controlled fires are allowed in many places where wood fires would be completely off-limits, so you can have your campfire wherever you go!

7. Video streaming device

Getting TV reception on the road can be iffy, and most of the time cable is completely out of the question. Some people turn to satellites for their TV needs, but in our opinion, a streaming device such as the Roku or Amazon Fire Stick is a far better option.

Using one of these devices gives you access to most streaming services, meaning you can watch almost anything you’d like, anytime you’d like, as long as you have some sort of internet or cell connection.

Considering that we RVers are often out and about exploring the world, being able to stream on one’s own schedule is very convenient and ensures you won’t miss your favorite shows.

As mentioned before, none of these gadgets are necessary to live an awesome life on the road. Still, there’s no reason living in your RV should mean you give up all the luxuries of modern life.

If some of these gadgets seem like things that would make your life just a little more enjoyable, go ahead and make that investment. After all, you only have one life to live, so why not enjoy it?

5 thoughts on “7 Unnecessary Yet Amazing Gadgets Every RVer Should Have”

  1. Have the Instant Pot, got rid of rice maker slow cooker and pressure cooker. Love it. Have WeBoost, love it. Have propane fire pit, great when a wood fire is just inconvienent. Want an ice maker, have no room for washing machine or dishwasher.

  2. Most campgrounds that have have wi-fi prohibit streaming videos, movies, etc. and you can be kicked off if you abuse that privilege. Many times you’re lucky if you can even connect to the wi-fi. I don’t see how people who telecommute can even do so, given the poor maintenance of the wi-fi by camprounds. I would venture that only about 50% of the time in campgrounds offering wi-fi, that you can stay connected.

  3. Love, love love my dishwasher! And my instant pot, cell booster, Amazon prime and Netflix, Have an Ice maker, but never use as a lot of our water sources are questionable, even with filtration.
    Hmmm- propane fire pit? “Neighbors” have one and love it. Just can’t fit any more stuff in the motorhome….

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