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9 Ways To Display Travel Pictures In Your RV

person taking a photo in front of RV - feature image for travel pictures

How Can You Hang Travel Pictures in Your RV?

Some of the best things to collect while traveling in your RV are photos of memories you make along the way. But finding the best way to display and hang travel pictures in your RV can be a challenge. After all, it isn’t like you have a whole lot of space to work with. Hanging things on RV walls can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to hang pictures on RV walls. First, let’s talk about traditional picture frames. This is the most obvious solution to displaying your photos. Unfortunately, it is a little more complicated in an RV. 

1. Use Command Strips for Pictures on RV Walls 

You likely don’t have a lot of shelf space for displaying photos. Even if you did, they wouldn’t stay put during travel. On top of that, hanging things on the wall is hard. RV walls are flimsy and you never know when you might drill into wiring. This is where Command strips come into play. 

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Command strips allow you to hang things from the wall with no drilling. They are best used for hanging lightweight photo frames. The strips should hold your photos on the wall, even when driving down the road. 

2. Get a Digital Photo Frame

Have a lot of photos to put on display, but very little wall or shelf space for doing so? One solution is to display all of your photos in a single frame. This is what a digital photo frame allows you to do. Not only that, such a frame lets you change which photos are displayed quickly and easily. 

try a digital photo frame for RV pictures
A digital picture frame saves space in RVs.

That said, digital frames are heavy. You will need heavy-duty Command strips to hang one. Another solution is to put the frame on a countertop, table, or shelf and hold it in place using museum putty

3. Hang RV Pictures with Photo Clips

A photo string is a cute and lightweight option that is incredibly easy to put together. Simply hang a piece of twine wherever you’d like your photos displayed and hang prints of your favorite images from the twine using clothespins or another type of clip. We really like tiny clothespins for this purpose!

hang RV pictures with string lights
Hang RV pictures with string lights

4. Create a Photo Map

Many RVers have maps displaying where they’ve been in their home-on-wheels. Why not take this idea a step further? Use your map to display some great family photos!

Cork map of USA

To create your photo map, simply buy a poster map of the United States to hang on your RV wall (a cork map like the one pictured above works well). Every time you visit a new state, print a photo you took in that state, cut it into the shape of the state, and attach it to your map. Eventually, you’ll have a whole country of photos on display!

5. Make Photo Magnets

If you have a residential RV refrigerator or an oven with a magnetic surface, photo magnets are a great way to display your family photos without taking up wall space. Simply have some of your favorite pictures printed onto magnets—or print your own photo magnets at home—and display them on your fridge or oven. There are several websites like Shutterfly and Walgreens that will print custom magnets for you.

make photo magnets for RV pictures
If you have a residential RV refrigerator, try photo magnets.

Don’t have a magnetic surface in your rig? Consider hanging a magnet board on the wall. This is great for displaying family photo magnets, but it can also function as a spot to display souvenir magnets you buy during your travels. 

6. Print a Poster of Your Photos

Posters are great for RVs because they are super lightweight and easy to hang. In fact, you may not even need Command strips to hang a poster. Sticky tack might do the job just fine. 

Save space with a custom photo poster.

Of course, you won’t want to use your precious RV wall space to hang just any poster. Instead, create a collage of your favorite travel photos. Then have it printed onto a poster to display in your home-on-wheels. This is an excellent way to display a lot of photos in a small area without adding a lot of weight to your setup. 

7. Design and Display Photo Pillows

If you would like to have photos on your couch or bed, you might consider using those to display your photos. That’s right: You can actually print your photos on pillows

Photo pillow

Choose a couple of your favorite photos and have them made into pillows for your RV. Not only will you add to the personality of your rig, but you’ll make it a more comfy place to be! (Psst… this also works with throw blankets.)

8. Make Photo Mugs

Another option for creating a functional photo display? Have a personalized photo mug made!

You need something to drink your morning coffee from anyway, right? So, why not be reminded of your favorite travel memories with every sip?

use photo mugs to display RV pictures
Photo mugs are dual-purpose!

Don’t want to hide your travel photos in a cabinet? You don’t have to! Use cup hooks under the kitchen cabinet to hang a few adorable photo mugs so they’re always on display for all to see. 

9. Create a Photo Calendar

Last but not least, there is the photo calendar. If you’re the type of person who needs a calendar to remember what day it is and wants to see the month’s plans quickly and easily, a calendar is a must-have item in your RV. It just makes sense to have that calendar do double duty by displaying travel photos. 

You can create your own photo calendar pretty easily. Choose a new favorite photo for every month or include a whole collage of photos on each page. 

make a photo calendar for RV walls
Make and gift photo calendars of your RV travels.

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