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Product Review: Chemical Guys Disposable Cleaning Wipes

This post was updated on March 27th, 2024

Full lineup of disposable wipes from Chemical Guys

These Disposable Cleaning Wipes From Chemical Guys Are Great For RVers

As a Jeep Wrangler owner, I was already well acquainted with Chemical Guys when they sent me their new disposable wipes to review. I’ve been a fan of their VRP (Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic) solution for keeping my Jeep’s fender flares looking new and fresh for awhile now. Not only is VRP now available in a disposable wipe, but they’ve added a few more horses to the stable to keep your horsepower looking good.

When the planets align just right, the weather is great, the wife is busy, and the chores are done…I prefer to do an all-out vehicle clean. A stack of microfiber cloths, six professional spray bottles of car-cleaning goodness, and a bucket of warm sudsy water makes for a great Saturday morning vehicle clean-athon.

Unfortunately, most of the time, all of those circumstances don’t occur, and I find myself with random moments of time where a package of disposable cleaning wipes would be fantastic. 

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That guy in the parking lot, wiping down his dashboard, waiting for the pizza to be ready…that would be me. Touching up the window glass while said wife was picking something up at the grocery store “real quick”…that would also be me. With that in mind, I put the Chemical Guys Disposable Cleaning Wipes to the test.

Leather Cleaner Cleaning Wipes

While I did most of my testing on the aforementioned Jeep Wrangler, I used the Chemical Guys Leather Cleaning Wipe in my motorhome, on my faux leather fold-out sofa and jackknife couch. I discovered two things quickly: these little disposable wipes carried a lot of cleaner in them, and my couch was dirtier than I thought. The result was a clean, non-sticky couch and a handful of dirty reminders that Dogs + RVs = Dirt. 

Total Interior Cleaning Wipes

Next up were the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaning Wipes. For these, I headed back to the Jeep, primarily because it needed cleaning more than the RV, which I had cleaned up fairly well after the last RV trip, sans those couches apparently.

The packaging declares these wipes are ideal for Dash, Glass, Navigation & More, which I took to mean safe for the flat screens that today’s modern vehicles have. Surely, it did the job and cleaned those surfaces. As anyone who has ever cleaned the inside of a windshield will tell you…it doesn’t matter what you use for a cleaner, you still have to go back over it with microfiber to get the streaks out. I followed up the Total Interior Cleaning Wipes with microfiber after using them on my windshield.

This brings up why I love the idea of wipes: not having to worry about overspray. I don’t want my glass cleaner getting all over everything else. Likewise, I don’t like my dash protectant spray getting on my glass. The Chemical Guys Disposable Wipes help mitigate this issue. Packaging states that the Total Interior Cleaning Wipes contain UV blockers, and they will clean virtually anything and everything in your RV or other vehicles.

Chemical Guys InnerClean Wipes

Whereas the Total Interior cleaning wipes seemed to have a focus on glass, the Chemical Guys InnerClean Wipes emphasis is on cleaning everything else. I used them on all the main contact points: dashboard & controls, steering wheel, arm rests, doors, cupholders, etc. Here again, nothing magic, just a right-sized cleaning wipe to get the yuck off. I would consider these more along the lines of a general cleaning wipe, not necessarily for glass, with some nice UV protection.

Packaging of the Chemical Guys InnerClean wipes also lists darn near anything in your vehicle can be cleaned, blurring the distinction between these and the Total Interior wipes, but based on my own usage and the feel of each wipe, I would still recommend the Total Interior for glass and more, while using the InnerClean wipes just for the more…especially those dash areas that need a heavier dose of UV protection.

Chemical Guys VRP Protectant Wipes

What comes around goes around, and that brings us back to the VRP product, this time in disposable wipe form. The VRP Protectant Wipes are slated as an interior and exterior product.

In addition to the fender flares of the Jeep Wrangler, I sampled these on the Jeep door handles, which are made of some sort of plastic composite that looks gray and washed out after time. I also used them on the cowl guards and spare tire cover. Packaging indicates these will “Make trim shine like new, Extra glossy shine, Easily apply on the go”.

I can attest that those statements are true, but bear in mind for Jeepers or RVers in southern climates where the sun seems to age plastic faster than the engineers ever imagined, I would probably treat severely dried plastics with the Chemical Guys liquid VRP first, then maintain touch-ups with the disposable wipes.


The disposable wipes were correctly sized and wetted for their assigned task. The 7-inch x 5-inch wipes are set with 50 wipes to a pack. I found the wipes to be just the right size.

In the past, I’ve used wipes that were way too small, and I ended up using way more than the packaging indicated I should. I’ve also used wipes that were simply too large, with a lot of “wipe” left over.

It’s kind of like when you buy a can of spray foam to fill one gap and then run around the outside of the house trying to find more holes to fill so you get your money’s worth.

The flap to reseal the wipe package appeared to be adequate; however, I still recommend also putting them in a Ziploc bag for storage.

Whether for your RV, truck, or tow vehicle, having handy cleaning wipes that are correct for the job is a good thing, and it’s a great way to keep your vehicles tidy between those major spring or fall cleanings. Visit for their full lineup.

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