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Get Refreshed At The Desert Bar—A Must-See Quartzsite Snowbird Destination

Driving south for winter? If so, you’ll probably get thirsty. What better time to get off the road for a bit and have a nice cold beverage than at The Desert Bar near Quartzsite, Arizona?

Quartzsite snowbird destination
Rene Agredano

The trek to find this must-see Quartzsite snowbird destination is long and rough but the results are well worth the effort. Aaah!

3 Steps To The Best Quartzsite Snowbird Destination

Step 1: Find a place to camp in Quartzsite.

Off-grid desert boondocking is plentiful and cheap (and often free) but you’ll also find inexpensive full-hookups at jam-packed snowbird RV parks located in town and within walking distance of flea markets and the Big Quartzsite RV Show.

Step 2: Make friends with a 4×4 owner.

If you’re not a 4×4 owner or OHVer you’re going to need high clearance to get there. Think your sedan can make it? Don’t be stupid, it’s 6 miles of unpaved, bumpy, rutty, dusty roads even in a good vehicle. The road is so bad you’ll think you got teleported back to the 1800s.

Step 3: Commit to at least a half-day of good times.

Quartzsite snowbird destination
Rene Agredano

Once you leave for the Desert Bar you’ll think you may never get there. Like the miners who worked the land on which it sits, it takes a hearty soul to make the journey, but the rewards are worth it. Stick around, buy a few rounds for your 4×4 pals and chillax with some great tunes by local bands.

Officially known as “The Nellie E. Saloon,” the Desert Bar is a must-see Quartzsite snowbird destination. Here’s why:

In 1975, a crazy guy buys land in the middle of the desert:

  • He envisions a “bar in the desert” even though there’s no power and water must be trucked in
  • In 1985 he opens for business in a structure the size of an outhouse
  • As word gets out, he digs a well, installs solar and finally expands to the amazing bi-level bar that you see today.

The entire bar is solar powered!

Quartzsite snowbird destination
Rene Agredano

Remember this about the Desert Bar:

  • Bring cash. Drinks and food are cheap because they don’t take credit cards.
  • Go on a Saturday or Sunday. They’re not open during the week anyway.
  • Don’t visit in the summertime. It’s only open between October and March.
  • Leave before nightfall. The place shuts down at dusk and there are no street lights to help you get back to the pavement.

For directions, visit the Desert Bar online.

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