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This Unique Drawer Organizer Will Keep Your Stuff From Rattling Around

We’re always looking for shortcuts to make storing things easier, especially in the kitchen. Yes, the easy answer is just “get rid of all of your stuff.” But that only goes so far. At the end of the day, you still need to keep some things.

If you’ve ever played around with adjustable wooden drawer organizers like this one, you know that even if you make the cubby holes tight, things still shuffle around inside.

This customizable drawer organizer by KMN Home has taken the storage market by storm with their unique design.
drawer organizer
Get the KMN Home organizer in sky blue. Photos via Amazon
The KMN Home organizer prevents your utensils from moving with a non-slip, silicone base mat and repositionable dividers that hold items securely in place.
It’s such a simple, but genius concept. I wonder why no one thought of this before?
The 21-piece kits come in several colors including blue, green, red, and natural beige.
You can fit the repositionable dividers around specific items to prevent them from moving around.
Installing the organizer takes 3 quick steps. First, trim the base pad to the size of your drawer.
Cut basemat to fit drawer
Arrange your utensils where you want them to stay.
Place utensils on mat as template
Place the dividers, called Divitz, around your items. That’s it!
Use divider pieces to secure utensils

Some buyers recommend using Museum Putty to hold the Divitz pieces in place, but you don’t have to use it. The Divitz pieces will stick to the base mat without any additional adhesive.

When you have this drawer organizer you won’t have to be ashamed to open your junk drawer in front of strangers again. Get it on Amazon here for about $35-45 (depending on color).

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