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10 Motorhome Remodel Ideas To Spruce Up Your RV

motorhome before renovations - motorhome remodel ideas

10 Motorhome Remodel Ideas To Spruce Up Your RV

It’s a lot of fun to travel in an RV, but sometimes the design leaves something to be desired. Many motorhomes (especially older ones) have outdated color schemes and furniture. They work just fine as a living space, but they tend to look boring and drab. Luckily there are tons of motorhome remodel ideas you can use to make your home away from home feel more comfortable and personalized.

Below are 10 ideas that are fairly easy to do. Some require a bit more money and effort, but every motorhome owner should be able to use at least a few of these ideas to bring their RV interior design to the next level.

1. Create an accent wall

An easy and fun way to personalize your motorhome is to create an accent wall! RV walls are pretty boring and are usually painted in plain colors. To spruce up the interior a bit, consider painting a fun design on one wall, covering it with wooden planks, or decorating it with photos, maps, and posters. Accent walls are fun conversation starters and they don’t take up much space.

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Mirrors are also a great addition to accent walls. These help to visually expand the space inside a motorhome and you can find mirrors of all shapes and sizes!

2. Replace the countertops

Countertops are another area where a makeover makes a huge difference. It’s easy to overlook countertops because they blend in with the rest of the kitchen and are just used as workspaces. But adding a new countertop or decorating the existing one can add some new color and texture to your kitchen.

Make sure you stick with lightweight options because hardwood or granite counters weigh a lot. Plastic laminate, plywood, and thin stainless steel counters are all good options! You can also cover counters with decorated linoleum sheets if you want to incorporate a new design into your kitchen space. Covering the counter edges and corners with some raw wooden accents can also bring a beautiful natural element into your RV.

3. Update faucets and fixtures

Motorhomes are full of small accents and fixtures that are easy to overlook. But once you start paying attention and swap them out with something new, you’ll be amazed to see the difference! Fixtures include things like cabinet handles, towel racks, doorknobs, and faucets. These are often made from plain metal or plastic in standard RVs.

When you update the fixtures, try to use the same material for all of them so there is a sense of unity in the design. Copper or gold accents are great for those who want a warmer, more rustic appearance. If you prefer something that’s more industrial, maybe try brushed black metal!

4. Add curtains

Curtains are some of the easiest motorhome remodel ideas to incorporate. They can be used to introduce new patterns and textures into your living space and they won’t take up much space. They also have practical applications! Curtains can offer you more privacy and can minimize the sun’s light. This will prevent furniture fading and is great for people who like to sleep or watch movies in a darker environment.

Curtains can even help with insulation a little bit! A lot of heat is lost through RV windows, so a layer of fabric can help you regulate the temperature more easily. There are lots of curtains for sale, but it’s also fairly easy to make and hang your own.

5. Install extra shelves

You can never have too much storage! Lots of motorhome remodel ideas revolve around the idea of using all the space that’s available to you. Most RVs already have some cabinets built-in, but you can always use space wall space to install some extra shelves, baskets, and hooks.

Tension rods are another great way to add hanging storage in your RV! These are fantastic in closets or in the bathroom. Some shelves can even add to the style of your RV! Wire baskets and wooden shelves are stylish and practical additions.

6. Turn a bunk into a storage shelf

Speaking of storage, don’t overlook your existing assets! If your motorhome comes with a spare bunk bed (either top or bottom), you can turn this into a nice big storage space. All you need to do is remove the mattress and install some railings to prevent the items from falling out during driving. Then you can load up the empty bunk with storage containers!

Some motorhome remodel ideas are great for travelers who have kids who have grown up. Repurposing a bunk that is no longer used is a great way to use all the available space in your RV.

7. Put up a backsplash

A backsplash is a fun and easy way to add some color and texture to a kitchen or bathroom. This decoration has become more and more popular in recent years and there are lots of options available for RV owners. Backsplash made from ceramic tiles, faux bricks, or plastic geometric designs are all good choices.

You can even buy backsplash that has already been assembled so you won’t have to worry about putting it together yourself. A peel and stick backsplash like this one is great for RVers who are looking for something simple and classy.

8. Replace the flooring

Flooring is another aspect of interior design that is easy to update. Lots of RVs have neutral-colored flooring that is made of linoleum. This is a lightweight and durable material, so it makes sense. However, if you are remodeling your whole motorhome, the flooring can sometimes bring it down if it doesn’t match.

There are lots of linoleum tiles and peel and stick options for sale that are perfect for RV owners. If you love the appearance of a wooden floor but can’t deal with the expense and extra weight, you might want to get these printed foam tiles that simulate the appearance of the real thing.

9. Frost glass

Frosted glass isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it can add an interesting appearance to your shower and some of your windows. You also don’t have to replace the existing glass if you want this style! Traditional glass can be treated to resemble frosted glass with just a bit of time and effort.

Below is a video tutorial that will guide you through the process of creating frosted glass.

10. Paint inside and out

Motorhome remodel ideas range from simple to difficult, but one of the easiest ones to do is add a fresh coat of paint to the inside and/or outside. Some RV interiors are a bit dark and dingy, so painting them with light colors helps them feel more open and inviting.

You could also add some fun decals or colorful paints to the exterior of your motorhome. This will help everyone recognize which motorhome is yours! A bit of color never hurt anyone, so consider some paint next time you feel like your motorhome could use an update.

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