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RV App Guide: 10+ Apps for the Open Road

This post was updated on April 20th, 2024

The smartphone revolution has caused even the most tech-resistant people to know exactly what the word “App” is referring to.

Aside from that people are on a constant lookout for that next interesting app and in our case the most interesting RV App.

I put together a condensed list of the most functional and helpful apps available as it comes to using your smartphone in your RV.

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I am sure I perhaps missed some of your favorites and if I did please post them in the comments section!

CoPilot GPS

RV App GPS CoPilot

One of the finest examples of an Offline Map App and the best part is its FREE. You can upgrade to a paid version for more features such as live traffic and map updates. This app offers a few other features that companies like TomTom, Garmin and Navigon do not.  You can search within the app on Yelp, Google™ and Wikipedia to find restaurants, RV parks, gas stations etc. (this feature does require data connection)

CoPilot Live stores all map information directly on the iPad itself, therefore you don’t have to use your data plan to get real-time, turn-by-turn directions to a destination. The app also comes preloaded with millions of points of interest (POIs), so you can find nearby places – such as a gas station, hotel, restaurant, ATM, hospital or vet — even without a data connection.

For those of you out there that like Microsoft Streets and Trips this is a handy plan B.

Price: Free (Paid Version for More Features)  Link at Google Play   Link at Apple Itunes


 Key Ring Reward Cards

Key Ring Reward Cards RV app

In a world with limitless amounts of frequent flier cards, shopper cards, discount cards, gym membership cards, etc the Key Ring Rewards Card App intends on simplifying your card load by making a digital copy of those cards so that you can leave the actual cards at home.

You can download the free app and use it to scan the bar-codes on club cards and rewards cards. Its that’s simple.Once you have your cards entered, you have a solitary source for what at one time made up half your wallet or key ring. When visiting any of the organizations you hold cards for, you can simply have them scan the bar-code from your phone to retrieve your account information.

The Key Ring App comes with handy online account manager and even a back up service.  The app also offers coupons at the retailers you hold rewards/loyalty cards for. This app is one of the most downloaded apps in both Google Play and Apple Itunes. It has been featured in USA Today, Oprah, Money Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, PC World, Men’s Health, CNBC, Fox Business, Time, Parade, Wall Street Journal, NY Times, LA Times,  ABC news, and various others.

Price: Free  Link at Google Play   Link at Apple Itunes

Satellite AR (Android) / Dish Align (Apple)

Satellite Finder RV app

This app is great if you happen not to have an auto aligning dish or find that you have to tinker with yours to get it to work. This app assists in alignment of satellite dish antennas using augmented reality. It  will determine your  position by using the GPS in your phone and give you instructions on aligning your dish. They specially designed the app for RVs, Campers, people aligning a second dish, or for use as professional installer.

Price: Free Link at Google Play   Link at Apple Itunes


Camp and RV – Campgrounds Plus

RV app Camp and RV - Campgrounds Plus

Camp and RV is the most robust RV app available today which shows in the price of $9.99. Its has the most complete information database of any I have tried. Its been in development for now its third year and its by far the most popular camping application on Google Play and Apple Itunes. The Camp and RV app that lets you find and filter both places and services with or without an internet connection. From resorts to parking lots, extensive filters help you find exactly what you want year after year for a one time price with no advertisements. Highly Recommended.

Price: $9.99 Link at Google Play  Link to Apple Itunes Store


My Pilot RV app

We drive by them, probably stop at them often, and when you need one you REALLY need one. This app from Pilot and Flying J’s is great for finding a nice place to gas up and take care of the typical RV travel stop issues. From this app you can sort locations, check fuel prices, and call any location from inside the app. My favorite feature is that you can enter your start and and end points of your trip and it will show you all the locations you will pass on your trip.

Price: Free Link at Google Play  Link at Apple Itunes

RV Checklist

RV Checklist RV app

Did we lower the antenna? Are the stabilizers still down?  Did we get chair back from the neighbor? Never forget these things again. The RV Checklist application is meant to be used by anyone with an RV so that whatever they come with, they leave with and make sure that they don’t forget anything that is meant to be remembered! This app is customizable and allows you to better prepare for trips and track your progress toward completing your list. Its very simple and intuitive to use. Don’t leave home without it.

Price: Free (Android), $0.99 (Apple)  Link to Google Play  Link to Apple Itunes

We Camp Here Campground Search

RV app We Camp Here Campground Search

This app is a direct competitor / alternative to Camp and RV – Campgrounds Plus mentioned above. This app comes in at a lower price point but is not as highly regarded as its counterpart. It does however have some interesting features besides the obvious campground list. Its offers a feature to help with satellite alignment and also offers some great details on RV parks like the amps available. If your on a budget with your app purchases then this could be a great alternative.

Cost: $2.99 (Android), $3.99(Apple) Link to Google Play  Link to Apple Itunes

Trip Journal

Trip Journal RV app

Trip Journal is a great app that does very much what its name implies. The app offers a journal for your travels where you can add photos, thoughts, and map pin points to create an all around virtual scrapbook of your travels. You can add your favorite attractions, restaurants, or rest stops along the way. Video is also supported so if you were able to get some great footage of the grand canyon then you can add it to your travelogue as well. What you get in the end with Trip Journal are one-of-a-kind travel journals handcrafted by you, rich with your travel experience and full of great travel memories captured for many years to come that you can share anytime and anywhere. If you keep journals for your trips this is certainly the app for you.

Cost: Free for Lite Version (Android Only), Full: $2.99   Link to Google Play   Link to Apple Itunes Store


gasbuddy rv app

The GasBuddy RV app allows the user to find the cheapest fuel prices while traveling which is made more important for RV’ers as many are filling up gas tanks that are slightly larger than the 12 gallon tank on my neighbors Ford Focus. The reality is that in some areas of the US you will find discrepancies in fuel pricing fluctuate by $0.30 a gallon or more in the same area. GasBuddy is designed to help. See our in depth review of GasBuddy.

Cost: Free   Link to Google Play   Link to Apple Itunes Store

Free WiFi Finder (Apple) and Free Zone WiFi (Android)

Free-rv-wifi RV app

If you havent considered these apps by now you may want to. The free wifi apps are a fantastic way to scan your local area for wifi connections and sort out which are free and which are not. If you use the Apple Itunes version it actually keeps an offline record on your phone off all the known free wifi areas in the country. This can be an incredible tool while on the road or at your favorite camp site.

Cost: Free  Link to Google Play   Link to Apple Itunes


RV app

With the Goby app, its all about never having to say “There is nothing to do”. The app brings you fun and interesting things to do regardless of your location and can be personalized to your unique interests. I From hiking trails to jazz shows, children’s museums to yoga studios, from surf spots to brewpubs, goby’s got something for everyone. Frequent a favorite music venue? Add it to your fun feed and goby will keep you posted on upcoming shows. It uses the GPS locater inside your phone to make sure its providing you with relevant results every time you use it. I use this one frequently when in a new town on my trips.

Cost: Free Link to Google Play  Link to Apple Itunes


Android Only Apps 

Some application developers choose not to offer their services to both Android and Apple devices. Here is a short list of a few apps that I thought were very appealing yet don’t have Apple counterparts (sorry iphone folks).

TV Antenna Helper 

TV antenna Helper RV app

This is perhaps the most unique RV app on this list. TV Antenna Helper uses your location to find nearby over-the-air Digital TV (DTV) and HDTV signals and assists you choosing an antenna and pointing it in the correct direction for the best reception. The app will show you TV channel signal strengths, compass bearings to signals (direction), distance to signal towers, TV channel numbers, RF channel numbers, elevation, and frequency bands (UHV, Hi-V, Lo-V). It uses your phone’s GPS to determine your location and the location of the networks. If you have an antenna and are tired of tinkering with it after every stop then this is a must have. There is an unrelated app in Apple Itunes that has similar functionality but is from another developer at $0.99 Link to Apple Itunes (not as user friendly)

Price: Free Link at Google Play

RV Camps Locator – Free

RV app

Much like the earlier mentions above that serve as a database for RV parks and campgrounds this RV app is much of the same. The only difference is it has an ideal price tag of FREE. Its absolutely not as feature rich or accurate as the others but at free how much can we complain?

Price: Free Link at Google Play

RV Parky – Free

RV parky appCreated by Lenny Terris and available on both Apple and Android devices, this directory app let’s you search and review over 25,000 RV campgrounds and parks in both the US and Canada. Even better, it’s totally free and is very easy to use.

Price: Free Find more info here

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