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10 RV Camping Hacks With Items From The Dollar Store

dollar store camping hacks - closeup of shelf

10 RV Camping Hacks With Items From The Dollar Store

Buying and owning an RV can be an expensive process, but there are lots of low-budget ways to improve your camping experience. In fact, you usually don’t need to look further than the dollar store for some useful camping hacks!

We’ve got 10 handy suggestions below that will make your next trip fun, comfortable, and a little more crafty.

1. Inflatable pool as a drink cooler

One of the best parts of camping is kicking back with a cool drink in your hand. But sometimes that cooler just isn’t big enough to hold drinks for everyone!

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A great simple solution comes from the dollar store. Just head on over and pick up an inflatable kiddie pool. These are easy to set up and don’t even require a pump in most cases. Just inflate the pool, add some ice, and enjoy a nice big cooler that has enough room for everyone’s drink.

2. Chair pillow headboard

Most RVs come with a bed or two, but sometimes the bells and whistles aren’t included. An RV bedroom can look a little bit boring and simple, not to mention it’s missing a few touches of comfort!

If your bed doesn’t come with a headboard (or you just want to make your own) you can do so pretty easily. Just pick up a few chair cushions and a tension rod.

Position the tension rod at a comfortable height above the head of your bed and extend it until it stretches across the width of the wall. Then you can just secure 2-4 chair cushions to the pole and let them act as a makeshift headboard!

This is among the more simple camping hacks, but it adds a bit of color, texture, and fun to an otherwise boring space.

3. Fitted sheet tablecloth

I think we all know the pain of trying to eat a meal outside and dealing with annoying gusts of wind. They can upend plates, scatter napkins, and (worst of all) turn your tablecloth into a billowing mess.

It’s so annoying to try to eat a meal while you’re wrestling with a billowing tablecloth. Luckily you can fix this problem by using a fitted sheet instead.

This is designed to tighten around corners and prevent it from blowing away. You won’t need to use any weights to keep this covering secured. Plus you can wash it and reuse it another time! No more one-use tablecloths are necessary.

For an extra bit of meal help, you can store plates, napkins, and utensils in a plastic cake holder. They won’t blow away if they have a covering!

4. Tin can cutlery storage

Storage is always a struggle in the limited space of an RV, and it’s always nice to have things that are within easy reach. Tin cans are a simple dollar store item that can be hung up in your kitchen.

Once you’ve got them up there, it’s easy to store kitchen utensils inside, as well as forks, knives, and spoons. You can even paint them to add a bit of color and style to your RV!

5. Popsicle mold console container

If you’ve driving a motorhome or a camper van, the driver’s seats are directly connected to the rest of the living space. In this case, it’s especially important to keep everything organized and neat so that one area doesn’t mess up the other.

One area of my car that gets cluttered all the time is the driver’s console! Once you’re trying to keep track of loose change, electronics, snacks, and other small items, the mess builds up quickly.

One of my favorite camping hacks to fix this is to buy a plastic popsicle mold and place it in the driver’s console. Now everything can have its own separate area!

6. Command Hooks entertainment center

Many RVs include a TV, but maybe you want to watch a rom-com while the kids want to watch an action movie. With a couple of simple camping hacks, you can soon have a separate entertainment center for the kids (or yourself) to enjoy.

All you need is a set of Command Hooks from the dollar store. Then you just stick them to the wall and mount an iPad or a smartphone. Then you’ve got a mini TV that can be used even when the main TV is occupied.

You can also use hooks to hang the charging cord, headphones, and other important items.

7. Corkboard cabinets

Cabinet storage is a vital part of RV life and you need to get value out of every inch of space! Luckily, with a couple of clever camping hacks, you can convert your cabinet door into a hanging storage space!

Just buy a corkboard or two from the dollar store, and attach it to the back of your cabinet doors. Then you can use thumbtacks to create small hooks. Now you can hang items like measuring cups, utensils, and other small items that might take up space in drawers.

This is a great way to conserve space and organize your kitchen utensils!

8. Cutlery organizer for toiletries

Speaking of organization, let’s talk about how you can use kitchen items in the bathroom. Keeping track of everyone’s toiletries can become a real chore, and you don’t want to lose your toothbrush.

To improve your bathroom organization, try using a simple plastic cutlery organizer to keep track of your items. This is easy to clean and it won’t become messy as easily as if you tossed the items into a bag or loose drawer.

9. Nightlights

It’s no secret that RVs are tight on space. I think all of us have had accidentally knocked something off the counter or stubbed our toes when we were trying to navigate a dark RV.

You can prevent these problems with one of the simplest camping hacks ever: buying a few nightlights! These are dim enough that they won’t keep anyone awake, but bright enough to illuminate difficult areas at night.

You can usually find these at your local dollar store and you only need one or two to make your RV safer and easier to navigate.

10. Mesh laundry bags

Finally, we’ve reached the RV camper’s best friend: the mesh laundry bag! These are a lifesaver for anyone who loves to camp. Sand and dirt can cling to clothes and towels, then end up spreading all over your beautiful RV.

Storing everyone’s dirty items in a mesh bag will help knock off most of the loose material before it even makes it inside. You can also use smaller mesh bags to dry dishes. They’re very versatile, useful, and cheap. Every camper should have at least one of these in their inventory!

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