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5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your RV Maintenance

With COVID-19 keeping many RVers at home right now, it’s a perfect time to catch up on things like RV maintenance until campgrounds are open again for visitors. Make sure you keep track of all the maintenance you do during this time, or any time you perform RV maintenance tasks, so you can remember when it was last checked and when it will need to be serviced next.

The problem is, there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to RV maintenance, and it’s not easy keeping everything nicely organized and readily accessible. That’s where RV LIFE Maintenance comes in handy.

RV LIFE Maintenance makes it easier than ever to track your RV maintenance and fuel economy, organize your RV documentation, and find out what needs to be done next. You can even receive email alerts for timely reminders when tasks will need to be done soon. Here’s why every RV owner should make use of this online program to track maintenance and more.

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RV LIFE Maintenance makes it easy to track everything from engine to air conditioning maintenance.
1. It will extend the life and reliability of your RV.

You spent a lot on your RV, so why not make sure it stays in the best condition possible? Regular RV maintenance will not only keep the RV fully functioning, and help maintain its value, but it will also ensure its reliability and safety while you’re on the road.

Rather than dealing with problems like a tire blowout while you’re on the road, which could have been prevented had you recently checked the tire pressure, you can travel with the peace of mind that your RV and other vehicles will be operating at their very best.

2. You can find documents quickly and easily when you sell the RV.

If you ever plan on upgrading to a larger RV, downsizing to something smaller, or trading out your RV for a newer model, you’ll likely be selling the RV at some point, and having quick access to all your documentation will make the selling process a whole lot easier. RV LIFE Maintenance provides up to 1 GB of space to upload all of your RV-related documents so you can easily access them when you need them.

3. You can track key dates and maintenance schedules.

Do you have important maintenance tasks that will be due soon or during the time you’ll be out on the road? RV LIFE Maintenance has an easy-to-read dashboard with charts and graphs, as well as comprehensive reports that allow you to see key dates immediately.

RV maintenance
RV LIFE Maintenance allows you to track up to three vehicles, including your RV, tow vehicle, and boat or motorcycle. Photo by TxSkye via iRV2 Forums
4. Finding your manuals and warranty information will be easier when things break.

When something inevitably breaks in the RV, you’ll be glad to have quick and easy access to your RV warranty information. It is just a few clicks away on RV LIFE Maintenance rather than digging through a file folder to find the right documents. You can also upload receipts, invoices, manuals, and registration papers for easy record-keeping.

5. You’ll have a better idea of your maintenance costs and fuel economy.

Are you spending too much at the pump? Not getting enough miles to the gallon? It’s important to have an accurate idea of what your maintenance and fuel costs look like, as well as your fuel consumption.

With RV LIFE Maintenance, you can track expenses by category if you use your RV for business, or track maintenance costs if you want to see your RV’s performance during a trip, a season, or throughout the lifetime of your RV. You can also track fuel consumption and cost based on the terrain you travel, towing load, or generator use.

RV LIFE Maintenance allows you to customize predefined maintenance schedules for motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, and can also track two additional vehicles such as your tow vehicle, boat, or motorcycle. Membership is only $39.99 a year for three vehicles, and well worth the money for the convenience it offers. You can learn more on the website and try out the free 30-day trial to see what you can expect.

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