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Should You Use An RV Sewer Hose Weight?

RV sewer hose weight

Should You Use An RV Sewer Hose Weight?

Many campgrounds now require the use of an RV sewer hose weight. RV sewer hoses are inserted into the campgrounds sewer drain, generally with an elbow that has tapered seals to seal the hose to the drain.

These fittings, for the most part, hold the sewer hose in place. However, the consequence of a sewer hose coming loose can be awful.

Campsites are often crowded with stuff. Pair this with kids and dogs running around your RV or a late-night stumble back to your RV from the neighbors, and the chances of a sewer hose getting pulled out of place increases.

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Whether required or not, using an RV sewer hose weight is always a good idea. There is a limited cost to purchase and it takes no time to add to your setup.

What are RV sewer hose weights?

RV sewer hose weights are just that, a weight to hold your sewer hose in place.

Rocks, firewood, camping chairs, and lots of other creative items have been used as sewer hose weights.

Sure, all of these things work, but there are proper sewer hose weights that you can purchase online or at any RV accessories store.

There are a few different styles that all work the same way.

The most popular ones are a plastic fillable weight, formed into many shapes from RVs to pigs that sit over the top of the sewer hose where it is inserted into the drain. Another option is weighted straps that go over the hose and have a weight on both sides.

Can you make your own RV sewer hose weight?

Like many RV accessories, sewer hose weights are inexpensive and easy to find, however, it is simple to make your own if you choose.

It’s nice to have something more permanent and suitable than the “perfect rock” you have been carrying around in your truck.

Anything that is approximately two pounds and will fit overtop of your sewer hose can be used.

DIY weights have been made from freezer bags filled with sand and gorilla taped together, two peanut butter jars filled with sand and connected with a string drilled through the tops, and PVC tubes constructed into a cage.

Should you use a sewer hose weight?

The short answer is yes. They are cheap, take no time to install, and could save you an embarrassing situation.

Having your sewer hose disconnect from the drain and leak can be a big issue. Raw sewage on the ground not only stinks for you and your neighbors, but it can also be dangerous for humans and animals to come in contact with.

Accidents happen and most campgrounds understand this, however, if it is something that could have been avoided you can be held responsible. In the case of a sewage leak, keep people and animals away and contact the campground immediately.

An RV sewer hose weight is among the RV accessories everyone should have. Like all accessories, it only works if you use it so take the extra few seconds and install your weight when you hook up your sewer hose. Once hooked up, make it a habit to check your hose and weight regularly to make sure they haven’t moved.

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