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Do You Really Need An RV Stove Cover?

chopping tomatoes and onions on an RV stove cover
What are the benefits of an RV stove cover? Photo: Amazon

The Many Benefits Of An RV Stove Cover

If you own a newer RV, it probably came with an RV stove cover of some sort. However, those with older RVs may not even know such covers exist. There are also those who started out with an RV stove cover but found out the hard way just how poorly made some of the factory-installed covers can be (especially glass ones) by breaking their cover. 

Those who don’t have an RV stove cover might be wondering if this is something they should invest in. Is such a cover necessary? Probably not, but there definitely are benefits to using one. In this article, we will discuss those benefits as well as other things you should know about these covers.

What is an RV stove cover?

First, let’s talk about what an RV stove cover is. As the name suggests, a stove cover is used to cover the stove. Factory-installed RV stove covers tend to be made of metal or glass, and they include hinges that allow the user to fold the cover up and out of the way when the stove is in use. 

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There are aftermarket stove covers that can be screwed into place and used exactly the same way. That said, many RVers prefer the aftermarket RV stove covers that simply sit atop the stove. 

Either way, your RV stove cover will serve the same purpose and for the most part offer the same benefits.

Why use an RV stove cover?

Okay, so you know what an RV stove cover is, but why in the world would you want to invest in such a thing? After all, you work hard for your money, and you don’t want to spend it on something you won’t actually get much use out of. On top of that, RVs have limited space and weight capacities, meaning the items you add to your load really ought to be needed.

Believe it or not, an RV stove cover is actually quite useful, and we think they are well worth the money spent and the weight they add to your rig. Here’s what an RV stove cover could do for you. 

Extra counter space

We all know that most RVs don’t have a ton of counter space, and cooking without a surface to set things on can be frustrating. The main reason most RVers find themselves investing in RV stove covers is to solve this problem. By placing a cover over their RV stovetop, they create a surface for food prep or drying dishes.

This is a major benefit in the vast majority of rigs, especially those tiny trailers that offer virtually nothing in the way of surfaces.

Eliminate debris in the stovetop

The living space in an RV sees a lot of use. Since the kitchen of an RV tends to be in that main living space, it isn’t at all uncommon for dirt and debris to end up floating through the air and onto the counter and stovetop as people move in and out of the RV.

This is one of those problems that doesn’t really have a great solution beyond cleaning surfaces regularly—something you should be doing, obviously—but an RV stove cover can help a lot by keeping debris from landing on the burners. 

Stop stove rattling

Many people are worried an RV stove cover will add to the travel day noise by rattling as they move down the road. This shouldn’t be a concern. Not only will a stove cover not rattle, but it might even help keep any stovetop rattling you experience at bay and provide a quieter ride than before. 

Offers alternative uses

To top it all off, depending on the stove cover you choose, you might find that it can serve multiple purposes, something all RVers appreciate. Here are a few of those uses:

  • Solid surface: Removable wooden stove covers can be used as a solid surface for playing a game on the floor, drawing while sitting on the couch, etc. 
  • Sink cover: Those same solid piece covers also work as sink covers, meaning you can move your “extra counter space” to sit on top of the sink when the stove is in use. 
  • Splash guard: One advantage of a fold-up stove cover is that some of these fold in such a way that they can double as a splash guard when only the front burner is in use, making kitchen cleanup easier. 

What to look for in an RV stove cover

Convinced you need an RV stove cover for your rig? You may be wondering what you should be looking for in a cover. Here are the things we recommend considering while shopping for an RV stove cover. 


Most RV stove covers claim to be universal, and these will indeed fit the vast majority of stovetops. However, there are some smaller two-burner RV stoves out there as well as larger-than-average stovetops.

For this reason, we recommend measuring your stove and checking the dimensions of the stove cover before you make a purchase. 


Factory-installed RV stove covers tend to be metal or glass. Wood and bamboo versions are also available as aftermarket add-ons. Think about durability, ease of cleaning, alternative uses, and the look of each material before you decide which will work best for you. 

Solid vs folding

We also mentioned that there are folding covers and solid covers. Folding covers tend to be screwed into place and folded back when the stove is being used. Meanwhile, solid covers sit on top of the stove and are usually only held in place by rubber feet.

When deciding which cover to get, consider the installation process, where you might store it, and the alternative uses each one might offer. 

DIY Stove Cover

One way to ensure your stove cover meets all of your requirements is to make it yourself! The video below provides directions for doing just that. 

The best RV stove covers

Prefer to buy a stove cover? Below we’ve listed a few RV stove covers to get you started. Choose from this list and you really can’t go wrong!

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