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5 RV Videos Featuring Amazing Conversions

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

interior of renovated camper - RV videos

5 RV Videos Featuring Amazing Conversions

Everyone likes to hear a success story! Buying something old, ugly, or broken can always be a risk, but it’s so rewarding to renovate it into something new and beautiful.

RV lovers do this all the time. Social media is full of RV videos, pictures, guides, and tours of beautifully converted vehicles. These conversions are fun to watch, plus they give us a little inspiration for our own projects. The best part about converting an RV is that you can make all the decisions about how to format it and what to include.

Check out 5 of our favorite RV videos below! They’re all super fun, and many of them were completed by people with little/no professional experience. It’s something anyone can do if they put in the time, money, and effort!

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1. DIY van build

This first video by Exploring Alternatives features a camper van (or a Class B motorhome). These are some of the most popular vehicles to convert because they are cheaper than many other models, and most of them don’t come with any special modifications.

You start with a bare-bones interior and then add everything you want! As you can see, this process included a lot of extra work though. This was just a metal husk when they started, so they had to include everything! Wheel well covers, flooring, electricity, insulation, and more had to be carefully installed.

On the plus side, that means that these owners could choose every aspect of their new RV. They could select the insulation they wanted, build custom furniture, and decorate it however they wanted. I love the personal touches in this conversion, such as the whale area behind the bed and the dual-curtains.

This conversion was definitely a success and it’s fun to see such a utilitarian-beginning product turn into such a cozy home.

2. Couple’s van conversion

This video by vanhalla adventures™ features another Class B motorhome conversion. This is one of my personal favorite RV videos because I adore all the crafty solutions they came up with. This RV feels a bit like a clubhouse or treehouse that grew a pair of wheels!

Another impressive thing about this conversion is that it was done by owners who have virtually no experience with this kind of project. They just took it on one day at a time, innovated as they went, and ended up with a fantastic end product!

The decorating style is one of the most admirable parts of this van. Everything feels homemade, but it still manages to be neat and functional as well. The little splashes of color with the green paint, stained wood, and hanging plants make it feel more like home.

3. DIY school bus conversion

Of course, we had to put a skoolie conversion on this list! Renovating school buses and other commercial buses has become a major trend in the RV world and people have gotten pretty innovative with their designs. This conversion featured by Tiny Home Tours showcases a DIY bus conversion that was completed for a family of 5!

RV videos like this are great because it shows how every aspect of the camper was designed and built from scratch. There were a lot of customizations made, and many of their solutions are very clever! The idea of a removable dining table is awesome, because it’s so easy to set up and take down.

This model is impressive to me because it’s amazing when anyone can fit their whole family into an RV. Five people is not an easy number to account for, but this skoolie was constructed very thoughtfully. You can tell that the owners wanted it to be comfortable and spacious enough for all of them.

The bedroom area for the kids is very clever as well. I enjoy the personal touches they incorporated, such as the ceiling monkey bars, the painted murals around each bunk bed, and the open space below for storage and toys.

A conversion like this has to juggle a lot of different jobs! It’s a house, school, and a vehicle all rolled into one. In the end, it’s very impressive that the owners were able to balance all of this so well and create a beautiful, functional home on wheels.

4. Renovated fifth wheel

Fifth wheels are one of the largest RVs you can buy, but they don’t always work for everyone’s style! This is one of the best RV videos that features a fifth wheel that was completely renovated and redecorated to suit the needs and style of the new owners.

When the owners, Griff & Alyssa, bought this fifth wheel, it was certainly functional but not all that pretty. You can see that some of the furniture looked outdated and the interior was a bit dark and gloomy. Now it has a modern twist and a lot of personal touches to let you know who owns it!

It’s amazing that all of these renovations took place in the span of only 8 weeks. It would have been easy to just buy the fifth wheel and use it as it was. It certainly would have been easier, but where’s the fun in that?

5. A unique RV conversion

For the last of our RV videos, I want to showcase this amazing renovation featured by FLORB that was done cheaply and quickly. As the owner mentions, this whole project was renovated in 3 weeks for under $3,000. That’s insane!

When you look at it, you wouldn’t really guess that that was the case. Everything looks high-quality, comfortable, and like it cost a fortune. Even though this RV was supposed to be a temporary living space while they built a home, I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to live in it full-time. I know I would!

This is another model that was designed to fit a 5-person family. It’s not easy to manage that, especially when you’ve got young kids in the mix. The end result is beautiful though and you can tell that it was thoughtfully designed to suit everyone’s needs.

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