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6 Reasons Your RV Water Pump Keeps Running (And What To Do About It)

RV water pump keeps running with accumulator tank and freshwater tank

6 Reasons Your RV Water Pump Keeps Running (And What To Do About It)

An RV water pump normally cycles on to pump water from the freshwater tank to wherever there is a water draw. If your RV water pump keeps running, you’ll need to run a diagnostic check.

1. An open tap or valve

When your RV water pump keeps running, a tap or valve could be open and causing the RV pump to run continuously. It may seem obvious, but check and make sure valves and taps are all closed before doing anything else.

2. RV water source switch is on the incorrect setting

In some RVs, there is a switch that controls whether the RV source is city water or the freshwater tank. If city water is hooked up when this switch is set for the freshwater tank, it will sometimes cause the pump to run. If you have an RV that has one of these switches, check and be sure it’s on the right setting.

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3. A water line or connection leak

Water system leaks are a common cause for an RV pump to keep running. Sometimes a connection is loose or worn out. Sometimes there is a crack or pinhole in a pipe. Carefully check water lines and connections for a leak and repair or replace as needed.

4. The RV water pump filter is full

Your RV water pump has a screen or filter on it to keep debris out of the pump. If the filter gets clogged with debris, the water pump could run continuously. It’s usually simple to locate and clean this filter, and it should be done from time to time to keep the water pump running smoothly. The video below shows how to easily check and clean an RV pump filter.

5. The water pump has a leak

As mentioned above, the RV water pump can sometimes develop a leak. Carefully check the water pump for a leak. If the pump is leaking, switch it off. You’ll need to either replace the pump or repair a connection or a seal. Sometimes it’s easier to just replace the entire pump than it is to repair it.

6. The pressure switch on the water pump is broken

The RV water pump has a pressure switch that shuts it off when it reaches the set pressure.  If the pressure switch is not functioning correctly, it will cause the RV pump to keep running. The solution is to replace the pressure switch. While replacing a pressure switch is beyond the scope of this article, it’s a simple job that requires minimal handyperson skills and a few tools that should already be in your RV toolkit.

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