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RV Windshield Cleaning Tips That Will Leave Your RV Spotless

RV Windshield Cleaning Tips That Will Leave Your RV Spotless

Cleaning an RV windshield may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s actually harder than it looks, and doing it incorrectly could impair your vision while driving.

  • One of the major mistakes people make is they don’t use enough clean towels when washing that large glass surface, so they just keep moving the grime from one place to another.
  • Another mistake is trying to wash the windshield when it’s too hot.  The cleaner and water will dry too quickly, leaving the windshield hopelessly streaked, which can significantly diminish your vision. 
  • The last major mistake is people only clean the outside of the windshield to remove the obvious bug splatters, but the inside buildup of hazy dirt is an even bigger challenge to see through when you’re driving toward the sun.  

RV windshield cleaning tools

Most Class A and C windshields are large, high off the ground, and hard to reach from both the inside and outside of the RV, making this task a real challenge.  There’s no question you’ll need tools to properly clean either side of the windshield. 

There are numerous windshield tools for sale on Amazon and in stores, but make sure you get tools with long enough handles to reach all the way to the top of the windshield.  The top of some Class A windshields is 11 or 12’ off the ground, and reaching the top will require a ladder or a scrubbing/squeegee tool with a long handle.

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clean an rv windshield and in this case the bugs will need to be scrapped off of the exterior surface.
Keeping your RV windshield clean should be at the top of your checklist before starting on a journey.

If you have a Class A motorhome, you might need a longer handled tool than if you’re trying to clean the inside of a Class B or B+ motorhome.  I have a Class A RV and I just use a 360-degree swivel head Swiffer mop head with a short handle. I tuck the corners of a microfiber towel dampened with water and vinegar into the mophead’s corner clips to hold the towels in place.  

This works fairly well on the inside of our large Class A windshield, but I think this tool would be too awkward for a Class B (and maybe even a Class C RV), so be sure to get the right tool for your unique needs.  Being able to reach the windshield from a standing position makes cleaning a Class A motorhome windshield a little easier than B and C RVs, even though the windshields in a Class A RV are larger.

Washing the outside of the windshield

Personally, I’d rather wash the outside of the windshield than the inside.  With a long-handled scrub, a cup of vinegar in a bucket of warm water to cut the grease, a bottle of Goo Gone® Automotive (to break down tree sap, pitch, and stuck-on bugs), and a good quality squeegee with a long handle, the outside cleaning job is pretty easy. 

I never use towels on the outside because I use enough water to cut through the grease, then rinse the windshield with clean water, and finish by carefully squeegeeing off all the excess water.  But washing just the outside is not enough.

Cleaning the inside of an RV windshield

The inside of the windshield is much more difficult because you can’t use a bucket of water, and leaning over the dashboard to reach all the edges and the top of the windshield in either a Class A, B, or C motorhome is awkward. 

On the outside, a long-handled scrub is easy to use. On the inside, you need a shorter handled tool with a swivel head to manage the angle of the windshield and to reach the corners. There are a number of these tools for sale on Amazon or at any auto parts or hardware store.

man washing the outside of a class b windshield.
Not all RV windshields can be reached without tools.

Try different methods

Different YouTube videos describe different ways to clean your windshield. One advises to first use a vertical cleaning pattern, then a horizontal pattern. Another YouTube video advocates for a circular cleaning pattern.  Personally, I think whatever motion that works for you is fine. 

The most important point is not the direction of your cleaning pattern, but the thoroughness of your windshield cleaning activity. You need to use whatever method will cut through all the grease buildup and then dry the glass off with clean towels so there are no streaks.  This is virtually impossible if the windshield is hot, so plan to clean your windshield when the sunlight is not baking the glass.

By the way, these same techniques work on all the windows in your RV, not just the windshield.


Even though it is a bit of a pain to clean the windshield of a Class A, B, or Class C motorhome, it is important because dirt and grime will build up on the glass, and it could create a driving hazard under the right conditions. 

The easiest way to keep the inside and the outside of your windshield clean is to wash both sides frequently. The more often you do it, the less buildup there will be, and the easier it will be to clean the gunk off the windshield.

Make sure you keep track of all your RV maintenance and repairs with an online tool such as RV LIFE Maintenance from RV LIFE. Not only can you keep all of your documents in one place, but you’ll also receive timely reminders when maintenance is due to help you avoid costly repairs and potentially serious accidents.

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