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6 Small Campers We’re Excited For In 2021

small campers

6 Small Campers We’re Excited For In 2021

Small campers and trailers have become much more popular and numerous over the last few years. Smaller campers are also a great introduction to the camping life without the commitment of a larger rig.

Small is relative, but I think we can all agree on a small camper being more lightweight, maneuverable and fuel-efficient than a Class A or fifth wheel travel trailer. Typically, a small trailer or truck camper can also be towed/carried with a larger SUV or light-duty truck.

These small campers are easily towable. Photo by nüCamp RV

While these small campers and trailers hover around the 2,500 lb. mark, they still have all the amenities. Each of these six campers have a kitchen, toilet, sleeping space for two or more people, and enough pizzaz to catch anyone’s attention on the road.

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For 2021, some of these campers and trailers are brand new to the market. Others are current favorites but are being upgraded in various ways. Check out the options coming to a dealer near you.

1. Barefoot camper by nuCamp RV

The Barefoot by nüCamp RV was probably one of the most anticipated travel trailers of this year. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the manufacturing of this small camper has been delayed until late this year or early 2021.

The interior features a 6-foot long bed/dinette.

This fiberglass trailer was designed and developed by UK resident Cathy Chamberlain because of her disappointment in current camping options. The Barefoot has a distinctly European look and will be one of the first of this style to come to the U.S.

The 2,094 lb. camper comes with a dinette that converts into a six-foot-long bed and a kitchen with fridge, two-burner stove, and sink. It even has a tiny bathroom with a shower, sink, and cassette toilet.

The exterior has a curved, aerodynamic shape and large windows. A similarly shaped storage compartment on the front holds the spare tire and other gear. The Barefoot will be available in several exterior colors.

Mandy Lea Photo gives the full tour in this video:

2. KZ Sportsmen Classic SE

For anyone who wants a more traditional, yet super lightweight camping trailer for the entire family, look no further than the KZ Sportsmen Classic SE.

The lightweight Sportsmen Classic SE is less than 2,700 lb.
Photos by KZ Recreational Vehicles

This affordable camper weighs between 1,760 to 2,660 lb. and can be towed with a crossover vehicle or small truck. Depending on the floor plan, these campers sell for around $14,000-$16,000 for the 2021 models.

The KZ Sportsmen comes in several floor plans.

The Sportsmen comes in several floor plans. The basic 130RBSE model has a dinette that converts into a queen bed, full kitchen, and bath, and a sofa for extra sleeping space.

It also has plenty of storage. If you want to go smaller and lighter, the 100RKSE version has a queen bed, interior storage, and an outside kitchen, but no full bathroom.

3. Scout Camper

Not all new campers are travel trailers. Scout Campers, located in Yakima, Washington, are bringing lightweight to the world of truck bed campers.

Scout truck campers are like a “backpack for your truck”.
Photos by Scout Campers

Like a backpack for your truck, these very portable campers are manufactured by Adventurer Manufacturing. This company has been building truck bed campers for over 50 years. The Scout campers are constructed for 4-season traveling and come with solar power and a real flame propane fireplace.

According to their website,

“Every component it comes with can be taken out and enjoyed independently, and the options for customization are endless.”

Scout models come with a minimalist kitchen and propane fireplace.

Scout models are still in the pre-order phase, but the minimalist designs are sure to appeal to people who want to get off-grid without a lot of fuss.

They are also pretty affordable. The Olympic model starts at only $19,980. The Yoho model is $19,240 and is only 913 lb. (dry weight). The upcoming Kenai is the only model with a full bathroom but still offers a minimal design.

4. Winnebago Solis

The new 2021 Winnebago Solis is on the higher end of the budget at over $100,000 but fulfills the dreams of people who want a fuel-efficient, dependable vehicle with the look of a classic Eurovan.

The Solis is a multifunctional Class B.
Photo by Winnebago

Built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, the Solis is just under 20 feet long and will fit into parking spaces and smaller campsites. In addition, it can safely carry and sleep up to four people in a variety of ways with full seatbelts.

It features several sleeping options and an outdoor wash station.

The Solis’s excellent features include flexible seating options, solar power, exterior wash stations, a popup sleeping area on the roof, flexible eating/working areas, and a wet bath with a cassette toilet.

5. TAB 320-S and 320C-S

Another nüCamp camper has been added to this list because it just keeps getting better and better. The popular TAB 320 teardrop trailer will also get a minor makeover for 2021.

The beloved TAB 320 will get a little makeover for 2021.
Photos by nüCamp

Now, rather than the wet bath being an option, all the models (regular and clamshell) will be available with a wet bath. The cassette toilet in the 320 will also be easier to clean with a 5-gallon black tank with wheels accessed by an exterior door.

One change is the two-in-one split bed.

Other updates to the 320 include a larger, deeper kitchen sink, high-rise faucet, 12-volt marine refrigerator with icebox, and an option to create a double or two single beds. nüCamp is also offering additional exterior graphics including a mountain landscape graphic.

6. Little Guy Micro Max

According to Joe Kicos, Director of Sales for Xtreme Outdoors and founder of Little Guy, 2021 will introduce a brand new Micro Max travel trailer that will be smaller than the current Mini Max camper. The Mini Max comes in at around 2,400 lb., but the new Micro Max will be much lighter at 1,700 lb. and can fit in most garages.

The Micro Max features a roomy L-shaped kitchen with microwave, fridge, stove, sink, and plenty of counter space. The camper will also include a cleverly hidden toilet, audio/visual system, and a roomy double bed.

If you feel the need to get a LOT smaller, Little Guy is also coming out with the brand new MyPod 630 lb. fiberglass trailer next year. Fans of small campers may also like these teardrop trailers for 2021.