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Turn Your Truck Bed Into A Camper With Lone Peak

Lone Peak camper on truck no deployed.
When it’s not deployed, the Lone Peak Camper looks non-descript, but it turns your truck bed into a great little camper. Photos from Lone Peak Overland

Lone Peak: Turn Your Truck Bed Into A Camper

Pop-up rooftop campers have been surprisingly popular in recent years. They’ve been particularly popular with overlanders who love camping in a ladder-accessible, tree fort-style tent with panoramic views.

The trouble is, you can’t cook or even stand up in these campers. Another issue is thieves will steal absolutely anything that’s easy to steal. Rooftop tent camper systems are super easy to steal, and they are usually hard to identify after they are stolen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a secure, safe rooftop camper that allows you to utilize all the space in your truck bed?

Lone Peak Truck Campers’ Kyle Hart came up with the design after he had his own rooftop tent stolen. Thieves simply used a Sawzall to cut the tent platform off his pickup while he was out hunting. After that, Kyle decided to take the basic concept of the rooftop tent design and make it better.

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He wanted to make the design more secure and provide enough space to cook and stand up inside. Kyle also wanted to be able to offer it for half the price of his competition. He came up with an innovative design that would fit both bills perfectly without any compromises.

“Most campers on the market are welded or riveted together and have a ton of post-processing on the material, which drives up the cost. We’re using the same high-end, lightweight materials but we’re bolting them together and using pre-finished panels that we mill in-house for the skin. The result is a super durable, lightweight camper at half the price.”

Kyle Hart, Lone Peak Truck Campers
Pick up truck in snow with Lone Peak Camper deployed
Photo from Lone Peak Overland

Exterior Design Features

When not in use, the camper’s non-descript exterior design could easily be mistaken for a regular truck canopy. But don’t let that fool you. The Lone Peak Camper features lightweight aluminum construction and exterior panels that let you use your truck bed as a camper.

Lockable exterior storage keeps gear easy to access but safe and secure. The outer PVDF coating is so tough that Kyle guarantees it will last 30 years. Handles on the outside of the camper make it easier to access the higher regions of the camper and undo the clips that release the tent area.

A man sits in a Lone Peak Camper on a truck in the desert

The Tent Area

The wedge-shaped tent area houses an over-cab sleeping platform and a spacious living area. It deploys easily using simple gas struts. The tent is designed to keep bad weather outside and its peaked shape allows rain to easily run off.

The Sleeping Platform

The sleeping area is surrounded by large, screen windows that allow an expansive view of all that nature offers. It’s accessible via a ladder from the bed of the truck. And there’s not much roughing it when it comes to sleeping in a Lone Peak Camper. You’ll sleep comfortably on a 4-inch thick mattress.

There’s even enough room to leave your bedding there when it’s not in use. As a matter of fact, when the sleeping platform isn’t in use, it folds neatly away. This lets you use the entire bed of the truck for living space.

The Living Area

The Lone Peak Camper has available options that allow you to fully use the back of your truck bed as living space. This is especially handy when the weather isn’t conducive to being in the great outdoors.

Optional fold-down shelves and secure indoor storage can be used for a multitude of purposes. There are also options to provide functional 12-volt power for lights or device charging.


The Lone Peak Truck Bed Camper is definitely worth checking into if you are into overlanding. If you are thinking about getting a rooftop tent, check out the Lone Peak Camper before you do. It’s a secure, functional alternative to rooftop tent campers.

What’s more, they’ll either deliver it to you for a DIY installation or they’ll install it for you. Either way, you can go to Lone Peak Campers’ website to find out more.

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