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Upgrade Your RV With New Motorhome Curtains

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

How To Set Up New Motorhome Curtains

You might not believe that upgrading motorhome curtains is a big deal, but it is. Not only do RV curtains provide you with extra privacy, but they are also a resource to block out heat, cold, and light.

Things to consider

Consider the type of weather you use your RV in. Also think about when and where you need light, or where you want it to protect finishes and fabrics from fading. Decide what kind of curtains you will need in each space. 

In addition, consider these factors:

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  • Do you want to block out light totally, partially, or not at all? Think about blackout or thick curtains that can also help with heat and cold. These are great for bedrooms where you may want to minimize the light and control temperatures.
  • Will you be opening the curtains in a particular space all the time or rarely? If you open the curtains all the time in your living area, make sure you go with something lightweight and easy to open and close. Make sure you have easy access to open and close the motorhome curtains.
  • Will you need privacy? You may want to select a shade or something that doesn’t accidentally open. You want something that will stay closed.

The best fabrics for curtains

Whether you are making your own or having them custom-made, you need to have an idea of what type of fabric you want. If you plan on cleaning your curtains yourself, you want a non-shrinking fabric. Also, select colored fabric that will not fade with direct sun. 

There are also several options you can choose from, depending on where you will place them and how much dusting or upkeep you want to do. Some great options for minimal maintenance include:

  • Wipeable vinyl curtains – They are retro and back in style.
  • Window shades – These are great if you have a place to mount them.
  • Valances – These can be built in the wall of your RV.
  • Non-textured curtains – These don’t easily collect dust.

How will you mount the motorhome curtains?

Check the thickness of the walls or the window frames. Sometimes you can put something on the wall or use a spring rod to slip a curtain inside the window frame. Know how you are going to mount the curtains before you select that will not work in the space. 

types of motorhome curtain mounts

  • Spring rods for inside the window frame – These are the cheapest and easiest to install.
  • Valances – You will need to make sure you can mount these in front of the windows. If you don’t put them all the way to the ceiling, you will have to dust the tops.
  • Inside window mounts – These don’t always work in most RVs, but check the width of the inside of your window to see if you can mount a rod on the inside. These are an option over spring rods if you find your curtains falling down a lot.
  • Outside rods – Just make sure there is a place to secure them. They will allow light in around the top, so these are better suited for places you may want a little sunshine or where you are not trying to protect it from the weather.
  • Peel-and-stick – Depending on where you want to mount them, peel-and-stick is a quick and easy way to put up straight curtains in a small area without sewing or mounts. Velcro also works in this scenario.
RV motorhome curtains
Give your RV a fresh new look with all-new motorhome curtains.

Where to get motorhome curtains

Some of us are not as creative as others, so making them ourselves may not be an option. But no matter what your skill level or budget, there are lots of ways to get new motorhome curtains. 

  • Online – You can find a wide variety of motorhome curtains readily available on Amazon. These blackout curtains are a top-rated choice for only $20.
  • A thrift store or fabric store like JOANN’s – Measure your windows before you go. When you find something that will work, don’t worry if it doesn’t fit exactly. You can go to any fabric store and purchase hem tape. You can iron this tape onto the sides or bottom of the curtains to create the right lengths and widths.
  • Your current curtains – You can take them down, wash them and then treat them with fabric spray paint or texture paint. Or if you are creative, paint them with your own designs to add a pop of color.
  • Custom made – Look up custom RV drapes and curtains online, and you will come up with a large list of places that will make custom drapes according to your measurements.
  • Handmade – If you would like to make your own curtains, you can search online for handmade RV curtain patterns and come up with lots of videos and instructions on how to make your own.

If you do decide to upgrade motorhome curtains in your RV, have fun! Take your time and enjoy the process of renovating your RV interior with new fabrics that bring in your personality and a little sunshine (if you want)!

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