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Wee Man From ‘Jackass’ Gives A Look Inside His Sprinter Van

Jason Acuña, better known as Wee Man, sold his home in Malibu last year to move into a converted 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van. The ‘Jackass’ star and professional skateboarder found the van on Craigslist in Arkansas and flew out to buy it within just a few days. The van was already converted with an electric stove, fridge, and sink, along with a jackknife sofa bed, stainless steel shower with teak flooring, a toilet, and an A/C unit and heater that run off solar power.

“The ability to “wake ‘n skate” wherever he chooses is the ultimate dream of any skater and is perfect for his traveling lifestyle,” Van Talk shared on Youtube. They met up with Wee Man in Long Beach, California to get a look inside the converted van. You can view the tour below, and also watch more of their van tours on their Youtube channel here.

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  1. I’ve never seen Jackass, and never heard of Jason Acuña until now. He’s awesome, and I love that giggle! The van is brilliant, and I’m quite jealous.

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