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Love Cooking And Want An Airstream? The 2015 20′ Flying Cloud Has A Huge Galley

The biggest downside to RVing might just be the small kitchens and cramped cooking quarters of most mid-sized travel trailers. While you could always take meal prep outside, does there exist an RV with truly generous counter space? Well, you be the judge.

According to Eric Davis of Haydocy Airstream in Columbus, Ohio, the 2015 20′ Flying Cloud sports the largest kitchen of any Airstream model. Plus, it’s got a dual stainless steel sink and a three-burner cooktop.

Original video by PJ Haydocy

As far as smaller travel trailers go, that’s one heck of a large kitchen. And to think it all fits in a 20′ trailer? Now if I can just get my hands on the cash to buy one of these…

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