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Airstream Restoration For the WOW Factor

We have come across many renovations of RV’s but we don’t come across many wher an architectural design firm is involved. In this case one that specialize in RV’s. Introducing Hofmann Architecture or HofArc as it prefers to be referred to out of Santa Barbara, CA. In this case HofArc specializes in Airstream restoration and they have an incredible portfolio of projects. They have completed 13 TOTAL restorations and left no detail unattended. Whether we are talking about their 1959 Airstream Overlander or the 1987 Airstream 325 Series, they have created some of the most outstanding examples of Airstream restorations ever seen.

Airstream Restoration
As taken from thier website, HofArc focuses their design efforts by offering the following services:

Hofmann Architecture is proud to offer a full range of services for restorations of vintage Airstream travel trailers.  We would love to talk to you about your dream to own a custom renovated Airstream!  We’re open to all projects, at various levels of involvement.  This new field includes:

  • Trailer acquisition assistance and project feasibility
  • Client specific design.  Plans and 3-D visualization
  • Design execution – full construction and project realization, in-house and coordination with craftsmen
  • Project delivery”

Additional Airstream Restoration Photos

Airstream is a company with a rich history and a loyal group of followers referred to as “Airstreamers”, aptly named I suppose. The company was created by a gentleman named Wally Byam, who actually started his business out of his backyard workshop in Los Angeles in the 20’s. He started selling “how-to” kits to showing people how they could build their own travel trailers. The company was later purchased by the Bowlus Company in the 1930’s and that gave Wally Byam the opportunity to launch the Airstream Clipper which debuted the design we all know to be synonymous with Airstream travel trailers.


Airstream Restoration

For years RV’er have had a pastime obsession with Airstreams and thier recognizable features. Airstreams come up in more conversations with people in the RV community than you can count and thats why I think the design firm HofArc is onto something special. Much like people that purchase and renovate nostalgic pinball machines, vintage automobiles, and every other item featured on the History Channel Show American Restoration the Airstream connects us with Americana in a way that few things can.

If your a fan of Airstream or just a curious mind we encourage you to have a look at the history of Airstream by HofArc: In The Airstream Beginning…

You can view the entire Hofman Architecture Airstream Restoration Portfolio Here.

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