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Make These 5 DIY RV Projects Your New Year’s Resolutions

a double desk in place of our sofa as one of our DIY RV projects
My partner and I both work full-time from our RV, so we set up a double desk in place of our sofa.

Make These 5 DIY RV Projects Your New Year’s Resolutions

The best New Year’s resolutions are the ones that will save time and money, and also bring a sense of satisfaction and happiness.  That can be a tall order. 

Heading into 2022, we don’t want to set up goals we have no control over.  But there are some smart resolutions that can meet all those requirements.  Here are some of the best DIY RV projects you might want to add to your resolution list.

1. Build your own office space

Working from anywhere has been a new draw to RVing, especially full-timers.  The ability to work remotely can be key to how you travel.  Make sure you have the right mobile office for the way you plan to work.  Turn a couch into a desk space, or turn a small corner into a secretary/drop-open desktop. Is there a spot or corner that can serve double purpose? 

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You may need to be connected to the internet constantly, and depending on the campground, Wi-Fi doesn’t always work.  Set up a Wi-Fi booster to boost your weak internet signal. Browse user reviews to see what they say about the Wi-Fi and local cell service. 

2. Make new friends

If you felt isolated in 2021, there are a lot of opportunities in 2022 to meet people safely.  We have enjoyed making several new friends this year, and there are some great options. 

Try using services that cater to RVers like Escapees or Xscapers.  Also put on your calendar some of the top events where you can reserve a spot for your RV in 2022.  Put up a large calendar or track your schedule with an online calendar.  This is a simple project to get you going to new places and meeting new people.

  • RV shows happen all around the world.  Look online for one near you.  Or select one as an RV trip destination.  Learn about all the new RV options out there and take the time to meet other RVers at the activities.
  • Check with the groups you are a member of.  A lot of them offer national and local get-togethers.
  • Join a caravan. There are caravans of RVers who travel to Mexico, Alaska, Canada and more.  This is a great way to travel alone, but at the same time with other like-minded adventurers.
  • Does the maker of your RV host an annual rally?
Boondocking in Joshua Tree National Park. Think about what you need to setup before you start.
Boondocking in Joshua Tree National Park. Think about what you need to set up before you start.

3. Do more boondocking

Your main concern is how to power your rig.  If you are in an area where it will be very cold or very hot, being able to power your A/C or heater is essential. 

We installed a SoftStart in our RV, and it really made a difference.  We watched the monitor when we started our A/C before and after installation and it used less than half of what it did before.  It was also quieter, which made it much nicer for trying to work from our office during the day.  It is also very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry that you are adding another 100 pounds!  New Year’s is a great time to get this done as you head into the coldest and hottest months.   

4. Update your décor

Sometimes all you need is a little color or something different to look at.  This doesn’t have to be a huge or costly project – just a little spirit lifting.  Here are some quick items you can choose from:

  • Paint a piece of furniture or cabinet (or add a new piece).
  • Add backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Just one piece in a corner can make the room look totally new.
  • Put up a little shelf where you can add anchored plants or small decorative items.
  • Change out the lights in your RV to something more current.
We added back splash in our kitchen area. It not only added a pop of color, it is also easier to clean.
We added backsplash in our kitchen area. It not only added a pop of color, but it is also easier to clean.

5. Learn more RV self-care

The more you travel as an RVer, especially if you are full-time, it becomes important to know how to do a little RV care.  Make a resolution to choose one of those little DIY RV projects you keep planning on completing.

Take advantage of all the YouTube how-to videos.  There is a step-by-step guide for that DIY project.  Just set aside a day so you don’t feel rushed.  Make sure you have all the tools and materials you need prior to your start date.

Use to keep records and track upcoming maintenance projects.  You can even create detailed reminders to help you with those projects. 

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to care for yourself, your RV, or both, try some of these DIY RV projects.  Once you get started, you will be very happy with the results!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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