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Get The Most Out Of Your RV Outdoor Kitchen: 7 Essential Modifications

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

Outdoor Kitchen Mods For RVers: 7 Great Upgrades For Your Campsite 

Dining outside is more enjoyable with the right RV outdoor kitchen mods. Cooking while camping doesn’t always have to be limited to hot dogs on a stick over the fire. With the aid of these useful kitchen gadgets, you can overcome disorganized and dull cooking setups and make your experiences more enjoyable. 

Use what you have

Look around at what you have and then decide what you still might need to get. You may already have an assortment of outdoor RV kitchen mod items lying around. When we first started camping, we would gather nifty gadgets like tabletop bug screens, all kinds of storage bins to hold plastic knives, forks, and spoons, or napkin holders. In reality, some of those random buys became the foundation for further outdoor RV kitchen mods.

In other words, there is always room to improve efficiency, productivity, and organization with the stuff you already have. Look for practical solutions and design modifications bit by bit. In the long run, a well-thought-out outdoor RV kitchen mod goes a long way towards making the whole journey much more enjoyable for everyone, especially the cook.

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There are hundreds of ideas, choices, websites, forums, and YouTubers that will get your creative juices flowing in no time. Use them all as a whiteboard of suggestions. These are meant to get you started. Use all of these ideas to fit your specific needs and preferences.  

RV outdoor kitchen mods

1. A portable outdoor cooking station

This is the mod that keeps on giving. It gives counter space, storage space, hanging space, grill space, and clean-up space. Finding the right one is all it takes. A slim-fold cook station like this one on Amazon provides all the counter and storage space you need to make a great meal outdoors.

2. Portable ice makers

After the drive is done and setup is completed, it’s time to relax with a cold drink. Having ice on hand is a lifesaver. Yes, RVs have freezers; however, they might be packed tight and have no room for ice cube trays. Well, many manufacturers jumped on that small reality and introduced the portable ice maker. What makes them so necessary on the mod list is the small size and the “are you kidding me” production of ice.

For any RVer who knows, there are two things of utmost importance: size and how fast it can get done or ease of use. In about seven minutes after filling and plugging in, you have ice. Check out some of our favorite options here.

3. A camp stove/grill 

While you are looking around for a camp stove/grill, keep in mind the amount of space needed for the type of propane or coal-fired grill you will use. If you are going with propane, will it be a direct line from the RV or the smaller propane tanks? Cleanup for each one is very different.

4. Collapsible dishpans, buckets, measuring cups 

These are functional space savers that come in all sizes to meet any outdoor RV kitchen mod you have in mind. All you need is soap, water, and the right spot to place them.

5. Pot liners for the Instant Pot

I won’t even talk about the benefits of an Instant Pot. Everyone has seen them and by now might even have one. But here’s the secret to using slow cookers and Instant Pots: the liner! Pot liners like these will help make cleanup so much faster and easier, and they’ll keep you from having to scrub off stuck-on food. Simply remove the liners and dispose of them in the trash when you’re done!

6. Cast iron griddle 

There is a small learning curve with cast iron griddles, but they evoke a sense of nostalgia. You may even envision yourself sitting around a campfire on a wagon train, preparing dinner. These griddles can cook a wide variety of meals and make a perfect addition to any outdoor cooking setup. However, these griddles require special care and attention compared to other types of cookware. 

7. Outdoor food cover tents

Wherever you go, there will be bugs of all kinds; however, no one wants creepy crawly critters invading their freshly cooked meal. Critter-proof your outdoor tabletop with a mesh outdoor food cover tent.

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