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10 Super Simple RV Interior Upgrades

RV interior view of counter and bed

10 Super Simple RV Interior Upgrades

Out with the old. In with the new. Improve the look and feel of your RV with these super simple RV interior upgrades.

No paintbrushes or power tools are required. The only skill sets you’ll need for these elementary fixer-uppers is knowing how to use a screwdriver and a bit of decision-making, like figuring out what colors and designs look best in your home-on-wheels.

1. Lighting

Read any article on RV upgrades and you’re sure to find LED lighting as a suggestion. In a nutshell, LED lights consume less power and emit more light. Yes, they cost more upfront than the incandescent or halogen bulbs, but in the long run, you are saving money. LED lights last up to 10 years and are energy efficient.

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This energy-saving feature means more time boondocking in your favorite spot or a smaller monthly electric bill if you are staying in an RV park long-term. Plus, more light produced by the LEDs means you can spotlight more of the fantastic upgrades you have planned around your rig.

2. Bedding

From a new RV mattress to new RV bed sheets, upgrade your bed with items that will enhance your sleeping experience. A good night’s sleep is essential for campers taking off on a long road trip the following morning or setting off for an all-day hike into the wilderness. Being alert and well-rested is important for everyone’s safety and well-being.

Some RVers choose to do a complete overhaul of their bed, including buying a brand-new mattress. But if you are satisfied with your current mattress, something as simple as purchasing new sheets and a comforter with a color or print that makes you happy can make a world of difference, both aesthetically and comfort-wise.

According to the Sleep Foundation, “Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to bedding, so the “best” sheets for you might not be a good fit for other people. The most important factors to consider are material composition and weave, but you should also take thread count, ease of care, and the fitted sheet’s pocket depth into account.”

3. Dishware

Plates, bowls, and cups come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so finding the set that satisfies your new and improved interior theme or color scheme is very doable. When it comes to dish material, many RVers would suggest stocking up on non-breakable and lightweight dishware like melamine. Glass and ceramic dishes, while heavier and breakable, should not be ruled out, however. Not only are they microwavable, but they are often preferred dinnerware.

If glassware is more your style, there are several ways you can keep your dishes safe while your rig rolls and jostles on down the road. Nikki Wynn of Gone With the Wynns shares her tricks to making any dishes RV safe in the video below.

4. Appliances

RVs typically come standard with a microwave and stovetop.  Nothing more.  As you continue to take your RV on more and more trips, you’ll quickly find out that there are certain appliances that you just can’t live without, even on vacation.  In some cases, you may already have said appliance, but it’s on its last leg.  

Whether you are in the market for a new coffee maker, ice maker, nifty kitchen gadget, or deluxe washer/dryer unit, be sure to do your homework on each product.  Ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough room for this appliance? 
  • Is this appliance a power hog? 
  • What are customers saying about their experiences with the product?

5. Bathroom/Kitchen Towels

A simple way to add a pop of color and style to an otherwise bland RV interior is to hang up new kitchen and bathroom towels. Going for a coastal scheme? Choose soft blue and tan hues. Want more bold colors and prints? Then go with a sharper, brighter color palette. Your RV is your oyster!

As far as material, get fabric that works for your lifestyle. Polyester and nylon microfiber blends are lightweight, very absorbent, and quick drying. Linen is another option, and it’s not a synthetic fabric.

6. Hardware

If you pay attention to detail, then this next RV interior upgrade is a must. Consider changing out the hardware like cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, doorknobs, and even hinges. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can find interesting and unique finds at thrift shops and home improvement stores.

7. Window treatments

Walk into any RV on a dealership, and you will most likely see windows dressed with tacky, outdated valances and drab pull-down shades. If you have valances on your windows, recovering them in new fabric could quickly spruce up the place. You could also add new curtains, blinds, or shades.

However, finding curtains that fit the size of your window could be next to impossible. If you are good with a sewing machine or know someone that is a halfway decent seamstress/seamster, you could go that route. For those not-so-crafty RVers, there is always the option of no-sew curtains.

Julie Chickery of Chickery’s Travels gets a little help from a fellow RVer on making no-sew curtains for her rig. They detail the process in the video below.

8. Rugs

Instead of replacing the entire floor, upgrade your flooring with some new rugs.  While you are picking out rugs, keep the following tidbits in mind:

  • Know the square footage of each living area so you don’t purchase anything too big.
  • Make sure the rug has non-slip padding to prevent unnecessary hazards.
  • For added convenience, select rugs that are easy-to-clean.

9. Storage

Regardless of whether you have a 14-foot trailer or a 40-foot motorhome, things can get pretty crowded fast, depending on what you pack into your RV. It’s situations like this where a little creativity and vision come in handy to keep stuff organized and in their particular spot.

Almost every section of your RV can be used as a storage space, from the wall to cabinet and closet doors and compartments to motorhome seat pockets. The following article, Top 10 Camper Storage Hacks To Save Space, offers some suggestions for optimizing your RV space.

10. Furniture

Replacing your RV furniture for something more functional, comfortable, and eye-pleasing doesn’t have to come with sweat and tears.  While some RVers like to build entire furniture sets, you can simply swap out the couch for a newer one or set up a corner desk for your new office space instead of keeping the worn-out futon.

A few tidbits to keep in mind with furniture installations:  

  • RVs have weight limits, so keep that in mind when you are selecting a piece.  
  • If possible, buy unassembled furniture. It’s much easier to fit it through your tiny RV door before assembling.
  • Know your RV’s square footage before committing to an item. You don’t want anything cumbersome taking up space or too small to fit yourself or items in.
  • Make sure the furniture can be anchored in your RV. For obvious reasons, it’s crucial that all items, especially the big furniture items, are secure for travel mode.

RV Interior Upgrades By Airstream and Pottery Barn

Looking for some inspiration and ideas for your RV interior upgrades? Airstream and Pottery Barn have once again joined forces to create a new wanderlust-inspired RV accessory and décor collection. The 2021 line includes more than 40 pieces that are sure to transform your drab interior into a swanky abode on wheels.

“Following the demand we saw from our first successful collaboration with Airstream, we are excited to unveil a second collection which reflects the idea that home is wherever our customers are, while drawing on the wanderlust and sense of adventure that Airstream ensues,” said Marta Benson, Pottery Barn President. “Whether you own an Airstream or are just dreaming of an adventure, the pieces in this collection combine style, functionality and the comforts of home.”

Among the collection pieces are bedding, indoor/outdoor pillows, dinnerware, drinkware, table and kitchen linens, barware, rugs, décor, storage, and games. Items have a coastal color scheme and are adorned with whimsical artwork and playful sayings, all on the backdrop of lightweight, sustainable, and durable material. The price per piece ranges from $12 to $899.

Comforter, shams, and sheet set from the 2021 Airstream X Pottery Barn  Collection displayed on an RV bed
Comforter, shams, and sheet set from the 2021 Airstream X Pottery Barn Collection

Some of the more notable RV interior upgrades in the line-up include the following.

Dishes displayed from the Airstream and Pottery Barn RV Accessory Collection
Dishes from the 2021 Airstream X Pottery Barn Collection

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Pottery Barn on this new collection, just in time for the upcoming summer travel season,” said Bob Wheeler, President and CEO of Airstream. “Airstreamers have the unique opportunity to play, work, learn, and live from anywhere. The approach with this functional, design-forward product line will appeal to both Airstream owners and those who are inspired by the idea of hitting the road and exploring our country.”

Check out the entire collection by visiting Pottery Barn’s website. The Facebook post below includes a sneak peek at some of the travel-friendly, style-forward products.

Find more RV interior upgrades

There is no end to ideas when it comes to upgrading your RV interior.  The RV community is known for sharing thoughts and ideas on many aspects of traveling, including fixing up their rigs.  Check out iRV2 forums, the friendliest online RV forum community, for more ideas on RV interior upgrades.

You can get even more suggestions and advice on all things RVing by joining the iRV2 community.  What are some additional super simple RV interior upgrades you’ve completed to add to this list?