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Woman Builds Van Conversion Over Course Of 32 Months

She didn’t have it easy while working on her first van conversion: her dad was struggling with dementia, and she was smack dab in the middle of renovating her condo, moving, and starting a new job.

Chris, of Defying Normal, took a plain white van and turned it into a cozy camper – but it didn’t happen overnight. She captured the over two-and-a-half-year passion project in this four minute video.

I had no prior experience in construction, electricity, solar, or plumbing. But I did it anyway, and I loved every second of it.

Her van has running water, solar power, and a sweet TV projector!

32 months is a long time to stay focused on such a big project. But I’m glad she did, her van conversion turned out splendidly!

For those interested in making their own van conversion, Chris has created a free guide that you can download on her website. Also check out lots more photos of the process at this link.

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  1. Having the solar storage batteries inside the unit is not healthy for many reasons….our thought is that they could have a small trailer to pull with the batteries, inverter, etc. inside it, thus eliminating exposure to EMF and battery gasses that would otherwise be in the living quarters. The other comment I have is that this would not be an easy way to travel if you have a pet, or pets.

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