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RV Cookware Storage Idea For Behind Cabinet Doors – Cheap And Simple

Not everyone wants nor has the budget for high-end when it comes to RV cookware storage (like this one we mentioned from Magma previously). A majority of folks have standard pots and pans to deal with, stacking them up as best we can hoping to gain just a little more room, and with less rattling during transit.

An RV’er who goes by the handle mapguy in the forums came up with an idea for keeping those pesky pot and pan lids secure and out of the way.

Mapguy used the inside of the cabinet door as a storage area on the sidewall upper cabinets. If you look closely, you can see this is actually a two part project.

First, and most importantly is the woodworking. You’ll need to cut some stainable wood (if you intend to make it match) to fit and gather the hardware to secure it to the door. You’ll also want to carefully measure your lids to ensure the dimensions of the storage cutout will accommodate your RV cookware.


RV cookware storage idea for behind cabinet doors.

Secondly, you’ll need to apply some type of buffer or absorber on the back of the cabinet to prevent the rattling that will inevitably take place. If you scan the photos you’ll see an example of what mapguy used. You might also use adhesive backed rubber or other similar types of products for this.

What we find most appealing about this idea is that it can be modified to store virtually anything behind your RV cabinet doors, not just for RV cookware storage. Variations of this could include a rack for spices, holders for knives, or even jumper cables. The sky is the limit when you mix your creativity with this storage design.

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  1. Sorry, but I don’t know how to upload pics. yet. I can tell you I got the towel bar idea from Pinterest. But, since RV cabinets aren’t as wide as household ones I came up with putting cup hooks on each side of the inside of the door & cutting a dowel to the right length. That’s the extent of my ‘handywoman’ abilities. LOL. But, hey, it works…& it’s less than a dollar!

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